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May 14, 2010

Ashton Kutcher: My Wife Is A Genetic Freak

Ashton Kutcher had an interview with ABC News’ Cynthia McFadden and talks about possibly wanting biological children with his 47 year-old wife Demi Moore. Read more on what Ashton had to say about his wife below.

So does Ashton, 32, plan on having biological children with his 47 year-old wife? “I don’t know,” Kutcher, 32, tells ABC News’ Cynthia McFadden.

Ashton isn’t concerned about Demi’s ability to carry a child at the age of 47.

“I think my wife is a genetic freak,” he quips. “I’m not worried.”

Kutcher is stepfather to Demi Moore’s three daughters with ex husband Bruce Willis. Ashton said now that Demi’s youngest daughter Tallulah has turned 16, that they are enjoying more “independence” as a couple. “There is a level of independence that we’ve never had since our relationship started, and an ability to spend time together doing things that we might want to take advantage of, because in our relationship we’ve always had kids.”

Kutcher tells McFadden that he’s just a “normal guy” who just wants to “go fishing.” But he says he does enjoy having a private chef..”Neither Demi or I cook,” he explains. “I have someone that cooks for me … that’s the best thing ever. I just want to show up and I want my house to be like a hotel … so I want to have a couple of options. … I like to have a couple of options.”

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