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Jun 10, 2009

Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheridge Welome Son Cassius

Bobby Brown is now a father for the fifth time! Brown announced the birth of his son Cassius with girlfriend/manager, Alicia Etheridge, at a performance a Rok nightclub. Read more on this story below.

Bobby Brown made the big announcement at his performance at the Rok nightclub.

“I just had a baby,” the singer said in a video posted by TMZ on Thursday. “Four days ago — my son Cassius!”

Bobby Brown, 40, star told the crowd that his girlfriend, Alicia Etheridge, had given birth.

Brown has a daughter named Bobbi, 16, with ex Whitney Houston, and three other children from other relationships including Landon, 23, LaPrincia, 19, and Bobby Brown Jr., 17.

Interestingly enough, his announcement comes at the same time his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, announced she will drop a new album in September.

Mike Tyson Marries Lakiha Spicer In Vegas Just Weeks After Daughter’s Death

Boxer Mike Tyson has married Lakiha Spicer in Las Vegas on Saturday. This makes the third marriage for Mike Tyson, who sadly lost his 4 year-old daughter in a tragic accident just two weeks ago. Read more on Tyson’s wedding below.

The owner of the La Bella Wedding Chapel at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel-casino told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the boxer and Lakiha Spicer were married Saturday in a private ceremony.

The Chapel owner, Shawn Absher, stated that the couple arrived around 10 p.m. in a limousine.

County marriage records in Las Vegas confirmed Mike Tyson, 42, and Spicer, 32, obtained a marriage license about 30 minutes before their ceremony.

It’s nice to see some happy times for Tyson after the tragic death of his 4 year-old daughter, Exodus, two weeks ago from a treadmill accident. The little girl was said to have suffocated after her head was caught in a loop of cord hanging under the treadmill in their Phoenix home.

Tyson’s agent, Harlan Werner, told the AP that Spicer is not Exodus’ mother.

Tyson and Spicer, a resident of suburban Henderson, asked for a simple ceremony with nothing special, Absher said.

“They just wanted to say the vows and be married,” he said. “It was very sincere.”

Tyson has been married two times already…to Robin Givens in 1988 and Monica Turner in 1997.

Tyson and Spicer seemed very in love, Absher said.

“They were very heartwarming, and I think they really do love each other. “He seemed happy — and his life’s been up and down.”

Congrats to Mike Tyson an Lakiha Spicer on their marriage!

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Break Up!

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston have ended their relationship! Aww… but they were so cute together. Read more on the reason for Miley and Justin’s break-up below.

“Hannah Montana” actress, Miley Cyrus, and model Justin Gaston reportedly decided to part ways on Sunday.

“They have been having trouble for a while,” a source told US Magazine.. “It’s been hard for a long time since Miley has been working so much and traveling a lot.”

Some people have said Miley Cyrus’ ex Nick Jonas was the reason for the split, but supposedly the couple are working on projects together.

Added the source, “Miley and Nick are working on a couple different projects together. Justin has been a little jealous of that.”

Miley Cyrus, 16, is currently in Savannah, Georgia to shoot her latest movie “The Last Song”, without Gaston, 20.

“He’s got his own thing going on,” Cyrus told Us. “But I am just continuing to work hard and definitely have the whole tour going on and my clothing line and the movie.”

A rep for Cyrus had no comment on Miley and Justin’s relationship.

Did you guys like Justin and Miley as a couple

Michelle Obama Gives Carla Bruni Sarkozy The “Stink Eye”

Wow! If looks could kill! Media has reported that France’s first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, and the United States’ first lady, Michelle Obama, were getting along royally. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Read more below.

Although most sources report the first ladies were bonding like crazy, many details (as well as the photo above) seem to show they could have all been faked for the cameras. Supposedly the Obama’s and Sarkozy’s had such differences of opinion that the couples decided against going to dinner together while in Paris. Rude huh?

Sarkozy and Obama have many differences in opinion… one on whether Turkey should be admitted to the EU. According to the French president, Turkey should be offered a special status within the EU, but not a full membership. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country and Germany and France consider it ‘non-European’.

But Barack Obama believes Turkey should be in the EU, as a member with full rights.

Carla Bruni Sarkozy is a former model as well as a singer with quite a few topless photos online. Could Michelle be jealous of the pretty French first lady?

Travis Barker Slams “Deadbeat Moms” On His Twitter Page

Travis Barker posted his thoughts on motherhood today on his Twitter page. It makes you wonder if Travis was referring to ex-wife Shanna Moakler. Also check out Travis Barker’s remix of Eminem’s 3 AM video below.

Travis Barker wrote on his Twitter page:

(“Kids are not to be used as weapons. Deadbeat moms that sleep all day,seeking money, attention like 2 do so. Just hurts the kids in the end. Giving birth 2 a child doesn’t make u a good mom. Taking care of them, loving them,waking up with them, spending time with them does.”)

Shanna’s rep responded with saying, “As I’ve said before Shanna is not going to play out her personal relationships in the media.”

Since when? Shanna seems to be a major drama queen. What do you bet that she will respond?

Check out the always awesome Travis Barker with his remix of Eminem’s 3 AM in video below:

Hayden Panettiere Flies Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Returning from yet another trip, Hayden Panettiere was spotted waiting for her luggage at LAX International Airport yesterday (June 10).

The “Heroes” hottie showed off a heart-shaped necklace to a few pals at the baggage claim, while also checking her mobile phone quite frequently.

In related news, Miss Panettiere is the object of pregnancy rumors again, only a few months after she was said to have been knocked up back in February.

And of course, her rep is expected to make a statement later today denying the story that her client is carrying a child.

Kate Gosselin Gasses Up in Reading

Fresh from her vacation to Bald Head Island, North Carolina, Kate Gosselin was spotted refueling her car in Reading, Pennsylvania earlier today (June 10).

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” mother looked a bit annoyed with the paparazzi as she pumped gas, sporting sunglasses along with a blue top and black trousers.

And it sounds like Kate & Co. are feeling the same real estate crunch as the rest of the nation- their 5-bedroom 2 ½ bath house is still on the market.

Neighbors are thankful, however, that the Gosselins relocated. Marilyn Soutner told press, “Fans were dangerous; fans were always coming right up to their house. I’d stand outside with my phone staring at the door like I was calling the police ... It was making it a very, very dangerous neighborhood. You don’t know who [was] in those cars.”

James Von Brunn Kills Security Guard Stephen Tyrone Johns at Holocaust Memorial Museum

James Von Brunn, 88, opened fire with a rifle in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, killing security guard, Stephen Tyrone Johns, before being shot by other officers. Read more on James on Brunn, who apparently has a long history of ties to white supremacist groups.

James Von Brunn, an 88 year-old Maryland man who has a website called the Holy Western Empire, and has ties to Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacist groups.

James von Brunn has served six years in prison for attempting to make what he called a “legal, non-violent citizens arrest” of Federal Reserve board members in 1981. Of course Brunn blamed his sentencing on “a Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys” and “a Jew judge.”

“He has an extremely long history with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He’s written extremely incendiary publications raging about Jews, blacks and the like.”

Von Brunn is from St. Louis, Missouri, a 1943 graduate of Washington University. He served as a Navy Officer in World War II. By the late 70’s Brunn had become a “hardcore neo-Nazi” .

In December 1981, angry at the “treacherous and unconstitutional” acts of the Federal Reserve, Von Brunn entered the central bank’s Washington headquarters with a pistol, a shotgun, a knife, and a fake bomb. Von Brunn claimed to have planted a bomb, forcing the evacuation of the building.

Von Brunn was sentenced to six years in prison on attempted kidnapping, second-degree burglary, assault and weapons charges.

Von Brunn’s trial dealt extensively with his “attitudes about black and Jewish people,” which his lawyer said were irrelevant to the charges he was facing.

Documents were read at trial in which von Brunn wrote, “Goal: to deport all Jews and blacks from the white nations,” among other racist statements.

Von Brunn has posted many hate-filled postings on his website and others. Most recently the messages questioned the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Advocates of those theories imply that Obama was born overseas and therefore would be constitutionally ineligible to hold office.

Von Brunn is in critical condition Wednesday afternoon after being shot by a security guard at the museum.

Washington police and the FBI said the shooting appeared to have been the work of a single gunman.