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Apr 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian Moving In With Boyfriend Kris Humphries

Reality star Kim Kardashian is moving in with her basketball star boyfriend Kris Humphries!

Things appear to be getting serious with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who have been dating since December.

Kim and Kris are reportedly moving in together in New York.

A source close to the couple revealed, “When he began talking about living together, Kim was thrilled. She feels that getting their own place is a major step toward a real commitment – that they’re on the road to marriage. She’s excited about decorating the place.”

Humphries and Kardashian will live together in New York but Kim will keep her home in Los Angeles and Kris will keep his home in New Jersey.

The news of the couple shacking up comes after Kim revealing that she would “probably say yes” if Kris her to marry him.

Kim, 30, seems head over heels and says she can’t find fault with Kris.

The reality star said, “I think I haven’t found one thing wrong with him, let’s just put it like that.”

Jersey Shore Stars Head To Italy For Fourth Season

The cast of Jersey Shore will return for a fourth season, with the reality stars receiving a whopping $100,000 per episode.

Jersey Shore will be renewed for a fourth season, where the 8 cast members will go to Italy.

The cast of the reality show has managed to negotiate themselves a reported $100,000 per episode.

The decision to film in Italy has locals expressing concern over the reputation of the show, which has featured fights an arrests.

There will also be two spin-off shows from the series, one that will spotlight JWOWW and Snooki, and the other which will feature Pauld D and his DJ career.

Jersey Shores’ fourth series will begin filming in May.

Lady Gaga Busts Her A** During Houston Show (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga had a nasty fall during her show in Houston, Texas. Check out Gaga’s fall in the video below!

Lady Gaga was balancing on the keys of her piano and her stool while performing her song “You and I” but lost her footing and fell hard.

In the video, Gaga is seen falling down but continued singing like a pro as she got back on her feet.

Watch Gaga bust it during Houston’s show here:

Apr 1, 2011

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested On Friday

Rapper Rick Ross was arrested on Friday evening after he was caught smoking weed in a Los Angeles hotel room.

Police arrested Rick Ross on Friday after hotel guests complained about the strong aroma of marijuana wafting from his hotel room.

Ross was in Louisiana for an appearance at a local night club.

Authorities received several complaints of hotel guests smelling marijuana. Police arrived and reportedly discovered a gram of weed in Ross’ Hilton hotel room in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. The rapper was arrested and issued a misdemeanor summons.

“Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Arrested For Assault

Jenelle Evans, a star of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” was arrested for assault after TMZ posted her horrific beatdown of another female last week.

Jenelle Evans was arrested and booked into the Brunswick County Jail and was released a short time later on bail.

A warrant was issued for Jenelle’s arrest after authorities saw the video of Evans fighting with another girl. The young woman in the video, Britany Truett, had said she wasn’t pressing charges but later changed her mind.

Evans, 19, was fighting with Britany over her loser boyfriend, Keiffer Delp, who appears on the reality show. Delp had an outstanding warrant and was arrested on Saturday.

Jenelle was charged with assault and “affray for fighting.” The “Teen Mom 2″ star is due back in court April 26.

Evans’ attorney stated, “Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up.”


Snoop Dogg Teaming Up With Charlie Sheen On Music Project

Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen are working together on a music project, along with Robert Patterson of Korn.

Charlie Sheen met up with Snoop and Robert Patterson at his home over the weekend to work on a “Sheenius” project.

Sources said that troubled actor Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg, and Korn rocker Robert Patterson are recording a track together.

Sheen tweeted a photo to his three million Twitter followers, with the caption,”Warlock meets his makers-music makers that is @SnoopDogg @robpatterson666 get ready to rock the Sheenius within”.

It’s rumored that the trio are working on the soundtrack to Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour.

Rihanna Confesses Her Love Of Rough Sex

Sexy singer Rihanna has confessed she is a “bit masochistic” in the bedroom. Check out what Rihanna had to say in her Rolling Stone interview.

Rihanna, 23, had a very candid interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where she admits she likes being dominated during sex.

Rihanna revealed, “I think I’m a bit masochistic. I love feeling like I’m somebody’s girl.

“I love to be tied up and spanked. I like to be whipped. And it’s funny that I care. But I prefer to be spontaneous.

“Using whips and chains is too planned . you have to stop and look for the whip. I prefer them to use their hands.”

Rihanna also spoke about her childhood and how her father, Ronald Fenty, smoked crack in front of her when she was only nine-years-old.

The singer said, “I think I’m a bit masochistic, and I did not realize until recently. I think that is common in people who witnessed abuse in their childhood.”

Rihanna admits liking to have control of her life, but likes being the submissive one during sex.

She said, “I like to take the reins in my life, but I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom. In there I can be a little lady and have a male who has responsibility for the situation. That’s sexy. In my normal life, I work hard and take a lot of executive decisions every day, so I prefer to feel the intimacy of someone like the girl.”

“DWTS” Contestant Romeo Involved In Car Wreck

Rapper/actor Romeo was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Thursday as he was headed to a charity event at a school.

Romeo, who is a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars“, was driving his Porsche to Audubon Middle School to donate computers to students when he was involved in a car crash.

The singer wasn’t injured in the accident but his Porsche sustained injury to the front bumper.

Romeo, whose real name is Percy Miller, confirmed the accident on Twitter, writing, “Got (in) my 1st wreck today. What a way to start the day off. The Porsche is done… I realised bad things only happen so that you’ll realise how blessed u (sic) truly are. Things can always be worst (sic). I Love life…