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Oct 22, 2010

Tyler Perry Opens Up About Being Molested & Abused On Oprah Read more: Tyler Perry Opens Up About Being Molested & Abused On Oprah

An emotional Tyler Perry was on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday and opened up for the first time on television about being abused and molested three times before he even reached the age of 10. During the hour long segment, he revealed that his father once beat him so bad that he blanked out for a few days.

Til this day, I don’t know why he did it. But I remember him cornering me in a room and hitting me with this vacuum cleaner cord. He would just not stop. There are all these welts on [me], the flesh that’s coming from my bone, and I had to wait for him to go to sleep,” Tyler says. “When he fell asleep, I ran to my aunt’s house, and she was mortified when she saw it.

Tyler Perry also revealed that he was 6 the first time he was molested by a neighbor. They were building a birdhouse together when the man put his hands down his pants.“I’m thinking, ‘What is this?’And I felt my body betraying me, because I felt an erection at that age.”

Not too long after that, Tyler was molested by a male nurse that he knew from church.

“[The man from church] used God and the Bible against me to justify a lot of the things that were going on. It was so horrible, and that was my first sexual experience, with this man performing oral sex on me as a boy.”

When Tyler was 10 years old, he was molested again by a friend’s mother. The woman put her son in the bathroom to take a bath and when Tyler was about to leave, she appeared in front of him wearing lingerie. She locked the door and when he tried to leave she said:

“You want to go home? Here’s the key? I come over to get it, and she puts it inside of herself and she tells me to get it. So I—I get the key, but I feel my body betraying me again because I felt an erection. This is so disgusting, you know, what these people did to this little boy.

The woman pulled him on top of her and Tyler had his first sexual experience at the age of 10.

Tyler went on to tell Oprah that the molestations left him confused sexually.

How could it not? I knew I liked the little girls in the neighborhood, but this man was doing something to me and my body kept betraying me. It took me all of my 20s to figure out what this was that this man had given me to carry inside of my heterosexuality that did not belong to me. This is why so many men will not talk about this—the shame of having to admit that.

Til this day, Tyler has to deal with the aftermath of being molested and it has even affected his relationships. He recalls a time that he was unable to perform because a woman locked the door before they became intimate and he had flashbacks of his friend’s mother. Another time, a woman he was in love with walked in wearing lingerie and it triggered the day he was molested again.

“All of these people had given me something to carry,” Tyler says. “I think that everyone who’s been abused, there is a string to the puppet master, and they’re holding you hostage to your behaviors and what you do. At some point, you have to be responsible for them. What I started to do is untie the strings and chase them down to where they came from. And I was able to free myself and understand that even though these things happened to me, it was not me.”

During the show, Tyler admitted that he has forgiven his father but he doesn’t want him to be a part of his life. After his father heard him talk about the abuse, he sent a message to Tyler that said:

“If I had beat your ass one more time, you probably would have been Barack Obama.”


Antoine Dodson Arrives In Hollywood, Announces New Single Read more: Antoine Dodson Arrives In Hollywood, Announces New Single

“Go Run Tell That Homeboy!”

Antoine Dodson has managed to ride his 15 minutes right in to Hollywood. He was spotted last night surrounded by paparazzi as he arrived at LAX Airport and is expected to make an appearance tonight at Millions of Milkshakes where he will launch his own Milkshake. Now that’s what I call milking it.

In other news, he revealed on 106 and Park recently that he’s planning to release a CD and a book in the near future.

“I’m working on a CD and a book. The CD is like a continuation. It’s like, basically, [the rapist] hasn’t been caught, so it’s like, stay tuned ’cause we’re still looking for him. The first single is called ‘Stupid, You So Dumb,…. That is gonna be hot! I’m telling you, the beat go hard and everything. I live!”

He also tells TMZ that he has sold out of all of his “Antoine Dodson” Halloween costumes.

Check out video of Antoine arriving in LA below:

Oct 18, 2010

Nick Cannon Calls Chelsea Handler “Ugly White Trash” On Twitter

Chelsea Handler twitter war Nick Cannon Calls Chelsea Handler Ugly White Trash On Twitter

Chelsea Handler and Nick Cannon have had a nasty feud over Twitter and it got pretty ugly fast! Read more on Nick and Chelsea’s war of words below.

Things turned ugly on Twitter after Chelsea Handler discovered Nick Cannon was going on tour. Chelsea tweeted on Thursday, “I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?”

Nick Cannon was not too pleased with her tweet and responded saying, “Wow @chelseahandler I actaully used to have respect for you as a comic. But for one artist to diss another in the same art form. #Tasteless,” Cannon added, “Soon as I get off stage tonight, I’m going in on @chelseahandler I’m about to be relentless! OFF WITH HER HEAD but right now I got to focus.”

“@nickcannon pls drink this before you tweet me again,” Chelsea responded posting a photo of a grape soda.

Nick took to his Twitter bashing Handler as well as Howard Stern and Eminem writing:

Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler Twitter war Nick Cannon Calls Chelsea Handler Ugly White Trash On Twitter

Cannon then plugged his show tweeting, “Just jokes people, LOL! Well I got to be at my next job in a few hours so I will continue the jokes on my morning show. Tune in @923nowfm.”

Justin Bieber called homophobic slurs at laser tag center

Justin Bieber, 16, was reportedly kicked out of a laser tag center in British Colombia after punching a 12 year-old boy. Read more on Bieber’s alleged assault investigation below.

Reports state that singer Justin Bieber arrived with an entourage of 14 people at the laser tag facility and that Bieber was followed around and targeted during the game.

Sources claim that Justin was bullied and called homophobic slurs and that Bieber retaliated and punched the boy.

A member of Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated: “On Friday around 5:30 p.m. we got a report that a 12-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted at an entertainment facility in Richmond. The boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require medical attention. We are continuing our investigation.” No other info will be released at this time, the spokesperson added.”

The boys included in the fight will not be disclosed publicly because they are both under the age of 18.

A Planet Lazer staff member told celebrity blog that, “the 12-year-old kid was surrounding Justin in the corner with his other little friends and shooting him during the game with their laser guns. Justin did what any other person would do during a laser tag game, and was just trying to get away from getting shot at and accidentally hit the kid while running away.”

The worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Justin stayed after the incident to explain what had happened.

Bieber’s rep said the assault report was “absolutely untrue.”

Now why in the world would someone call Justin Bieber, who has his own nail polish line, a fa**ot?

Kanye West’s Banned Album Artwork

Kanye West unveiled the new cover for his fifth studio album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” tonight with claims that it has been banned in the US.

Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!Banned in the USA!!! They don’t want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!

In the 70s album covers had actual nudity… It’s so funny that people forget that… Everything has been so commercialized now.

So Nirvana can have a naked human being on they cover but I can’t have a PAINTING of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings

New Video: Willow Smith “Whip My Hair”

Willow Smith just released the video to her first single “Whip My Hair” and I must say, it gave me everything I needed as soon as I pressed play. I was expecting something a lot more cheesy considering her age..

Alicia Keys Gives Birth to Baby Boy

A day after Alicia Keys was spotted walking in Manhattan with her brother, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

A happy Swizz Beatz posted to his twitter account, “I’m so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life, wowwww!”. With Follow up tweets by Mary J. Blige: “I’m So excited 2 Congratulate my brother @therealswizzz and @Alicia keys on there New, baby, boy!!!!!!!” and Gayle King: “alicia and swizz and now.. baby egypt has arrived congratulations mr and mrs dean!“.

The baby’s full name is Egypt Daoud Dean.

Although this is Alicia Keys first child, Swizz Beats has three other children from his previous relationships which include one daughter and two other sons, making little Egypt the 3rd son of Swizz Beatz

Rick Ross ft. Drake & Chrisette Michelle – Aston Martin Music Read more: New Video: Rick Ross ft. Drake & Chrisette Michelle – Aston Martin Music

Rick Ross premieres his new video for Aston Martin Music featuring Chrisette Michelle and Drake. The video could pass for a six minute advertisement for the new Aston Martin. Hope a check was cut for that…

Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” Album Cover

Justin Bieber May Give Diggy Simmons A Run For His Money… Read more: Justin Bieber May Give Diggy Simmons A Run For His Money

Justin Bieber is the biggest thing in pop music, but now he’s trying to show off his rap skills as his hip hop alter ego Shawty Mane.

You guys might know me as the guy who sings ‘Baby.’ I’m a pop singer, I’m white,”. “I just wanted to do this to prove that I got skills on the rap game.”

Oct 13, 2010

Antoine Dodson Makes Appearance At BET Awards (VIDEO)

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Antoine Dodson, the man made famous after his news interview for an attempted rape of his sister in the projects, was a guest at the BET Awards. Dodson performed a tidbit of the song that helped him move his family from the projects. Now you can run and tell that homeboy!

Oct 12, 2010

“Two And A Half Men” Actor Angus T. Jones To Earn $300,000 Per Episode!

Angus T. Jones is reportedly making $300,000 per episode for his role in “Two and a Half Men”. Read more on this story below.

Teenage actor Augus T. Jones is only 17 years old but is making some big money!

Court documents reveal Jones, who plays Charlie Sheen’s nephew, Jake Harper, on “Two and a Half Men,” will earn $7.8 million over the next two seasons.

The contract had to be approved by an L.A. County Superior Court judge because Angus is a still a minor.

Angus will be earning $300,000 per half-hour episode for the next two seasons of the show and will also receive an additional $500,000 signing bonus.

Miley Cyrus Criticized Over New Music Video

Disney star Miley Cyrus has come under fire from parenting groups who take issue with her sexy new music video, which shows her writhing around on a bed. Read more and see Miley’s new video for yourself below!

Singer Miley Cyrus has found herself in hot water yet again after parenting groups have a problem with her racy new music video.

In Cyrus’ video for “Who Owns My Heart?”, the 17-year-old singer is shown blindfolded and grinding in just her underwear.

The president of Parents Television Council, Tim Winter, says the video shows the wrong message to Miley’s young fans.

Tim Winter told, “It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one.

“It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly.”

Check out Miley’s new video for “Who Owns My Heart?” and let me know if you find it too grown up?

Justin Bieber Launches A Nail Polish Line

Justin Bieber photos Justin Bieber Launches A Nail Polish Line

Singer Justin Bieber is now coming out with his own nail polish line. WTH? Read more on Bieber’s latest venture below.

Pop star Justin Bieber, 16, will have his tween fans in a frenzy when he comes out with his new nail polish line.

Glamour magazine reports the six-shade collection, from Nicole by OPI, will be called “One Less Lonely Girl” (the title of one of Bieber’s poular tunes) and will include: “One Less Lonely Glitter” (pale purple), “Prized Possession Purple” (grape), “Give Me The First Dance” (silver), “Me + Blue” (metallic blue), “OMB!” (metallic red), and “Step 2 the Beat of my Heart” (with heart-shaped specks).

Bieber’s polish collection will be available at Walmart, Target, and Sears in February 2011.

But his nail polish line won’t be the only business venture for the star. The young singer also has an anti-acne skin line and Bieber dolls that will be in stores right in time for Christmas.

Oct 6, 2010

Kanye West’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”….

“..probably involves making Amber Rose jealous”

According to Kanye West’s twitter, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is the name of his new album which will be released on November 22nd, the same week as Nicki Minaj & Ne-Yo. He was spotted yesterday evening, kicking it with Kim Kardashian at the location of the new “Dash” store in New York.

Kim was there filming her new spin off show with her sister Kourtney titled “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”. After some of those bitter words he spewed on Chris Brown’s “Deuces” remix, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took Reggie Bush’s “old bish,” and “turned her into his new bish”.

Snooki To Star In Reality Dating Show

Jersey Shore star Snooki will be Snookin’ for love in a new reality dating show. We’re not sure of the title of the show as of yet, but she has previously tossed that one out there for mass consumption.

She hasn’t had the best of luck in the field of dating, so Snooki is going to take her search to the small screen.

An inside snitch said, “They are set to make the big announcement any day now.” In the new show, Jenni “JWoww” Farley will make an appearance, as well as some of the Snookster’s ex-boyfriends.

The snitch revealed, “One may try to win her heart back, and another may serve as a consultant.” Snooki revealed what she is looking for in a new boyfriend. She said, “He needs to make me laugh. If he’s not goofy and afraid to be a dork, I’m not feeling it.”

Are you feeling this idea at all? I’m sure there will be a ton of fame whores lining up at her door, just waiting for their chance at fame love with her.

Jailed Lil Wayne Gets Tossed In Solitary Confinement

Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne will be having some alone time after being placed in the New York’s Rikers Island solitary confinement after breaking the rules. Read more on Lil Wayne below.

Rapper Lil Wayne has wound up in solitary confinement after he was found with headphones and a charger for an MP3 player in his jail cell.

Correction Department spokesman Stephen Morello confirmed the rapper had been put in the isolation area saying, “He’s not in an area where he is mingling with other inmates – ever.” Now Wayne will have to spend around 23 hours a day in solitary until he is released on November 4.

Lil Wayne began his jail time on March 8 after being sentenced to a year after being convicted of illegal weapons possession.

Back in May, DJ Scoob Doo revealed that Wayne was prepared to take a punishment for his prison “contraband”, including iPod earphones and a charger.

Scoob said Wayne revealed, “He said, ‘Yeah, they tried to bang me with that. But I can’t live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It’s all good; I had to take my lil slip up. I ain’t trippin’.”

Lady Gaga Spends Big Bucks On Ghostbusters Because She’s Terrified Of Evil Spirits

Lady Gaga reportedly spends thousands of dollars on ghost experts to check out hotels and venues before she agrees to go. Read more on Gaga’s ghost fears below.

Singer Lady Gaga is reportedly scared to death of evil spirits and has paranormal investigators check out her hotel and tour venues before she makes a decision on going.

Gaga, 24, who says she thinks she is her dead aunt reincarnated, has spent $30,000 on Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect spirits.

A source close to Gaga said, “She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.”

Kanye West's Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

He’s gearing up for the release of his new album, and Kanye West has spilled a few details for his eager fans.

The controversial rapper announced, “The official album title is and always was… My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Kanye continued, "The first song on the album is called 'Dark Fantasy' produced by the RZA, co-produced by me and No I.D. I ain't letting no leaks have any [effect] on my song choices... 'All of the Lights' is the next single, but wait till y'all hear the final!"

West also shared that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be hitting stores on November 22nd, getting a jump start on the holiday shopping season.

Nicki Minaj: "Regis and Kelly" Chick

Her popularity is rising daily, and Nicki Minaj was a guest performer on “Live With Regis and Kelly” earlier today.

The “Your Love” singer looked excited as she showed up ahead of time and gave some love to her fans by signing autographs and posing for pictures outside ABC Studios.

In other news, Minaj along with Jay-Z were the big winners at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards over this past weekend at the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms Nicki won three awards: Rookie of the Year, People's Champ and the Made You Look award.