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Mar 11, 2009

Halle Berry Named “Sexiest Black Woman Alive”

The results are in. And coming as no surprise, Halle Berry has recently been named the Sexiest Black Woman Alive in a new TV poll.

The actress and perfume connoisseur was up against beauties Tyra Banks, Jada Pinckett-Smith and Alicia Keys.

Others in the running included Rihanna, Iman, Janet Jackson, Joy Bryant, Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington.

Since becoming a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Berry admits, “I’m complete. I have more to offer my craft because [my daughter] makes me indelibly better every day.”

Gwen Stefani and Zuma Rossdale: Poolside Pals

Looking ever the adorable couple, Gwen Stefani and youngest son Zuma Rossdale had a little fun in the sun as they relaxed by the swimming pool at their Palm Springs hotel on Tuesday (March 10).

The No Doubt songstress and her family all made the trip to the desert city to watch daddy Gavin Rossdale compete in a local charity tennis tournament.

As for Zuma, Gwen recently dished on her little boy’s musical likings - revealing he has a thing for Britney Spears.

Gwen tells, “He’s really into anything that’s popular and he’s really into Britney’s songs… because she actually lives on my street and he would go over there… He thinks she’s really great. And he flirts with her and stuff.”

“He likes hits, he’s like his mum, he likes just all the hits. Any song that comes on [the radio], he’ll be like, ‘That’s my song, that’s my song!’” Gwen added. “He’s just into popular music. He’s into music that’s for sure.”

Victoria Beckham Ends Stay in Milan

Following a brief trip to visit her soccer star hubby, Victoria Beckham brought an end to her stay in Milan on Wednesday (March 11).

Sporting a stylish, sixties-style outfit, the jet-setting Spice Girl was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport fresh off a flight from the Italian city that David has been calling home for the past few months.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if Becks is feeling a bit guilty that his lovely wife has been flying back and forth to Italy, leaving their three sons back in the States with nannies.

A source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “David feels guilty that Victoria is exhausted and it’s difficult for him to tell her how happy he is. He starts to tell her all the great stuff that’s happening to him and she tells him she’s feeling dreadful. There is a divide and it ends in disagreement.”

Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Gets New House & Nurses

Nadya Suleman’s octuplets are getting closer to coming home to a larger house. And Nadya will have a fleet of nurses helping her with the new babies. Read more on Nadya Suleman’s news digs below.

The Suleman family is buying a house in Orange County, Calif., that’s nearly twice as large as the one where Nadya, 33, lives with her six older children in Whittier.

“She’s excited,” Suleman’s mother, Angela, tells PEOPLE. “This is an old house and this new one will have a lot more space.”

The 2,583-foot four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in La Habra is “a good house for kids,” with a huge yard, Mike Patel of Prudential Realty tells PEOPLE. “It’s a good house for a big family and there is room to add on more rooms.”

The house, listed at $564,900, has a short escrow that should close later this week, Patel says. He adds he represents the owner, who didn’t know the Suleman family before the deal came together. “They just happened to like this house,” Patel says. The buyer of the home is Ed Doud.

To care for the new babies, Suleman has accepted the invitation of Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit that will provide around-the-clock nurses once the babies are brought home over the next few weeks, according to Dr. Phil McGraw, who helped arranged the deal along with attorney Gloria Allred.

“Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as well as the six children at home in a way that proved that she understood the enormity and complexity of the task ahead,” says McGraw, whose show will address the matter Tuesday and Wednesday.

The neonatal intensive care nurses specialize in premature infant developmental care, says Linda Conforti West, CEO and founder of Angels in Waiting. The agency would have 14 nurses a day, four to five at a time, working around the clock, representatives recently told PEOPLE. Normally, they say, that kind of care would cost about $135,000 a month. The nurses’ salaries are paid by the organization.

The arrangement comes amid pressures at home. At least some of Suleman’s other children are angry over the impending arrival of the octuplets, Suleman tells The Insider.

“[They're] externalizing their anger. Internalizing it. They become more withdrawn and get a little more sad,” Suleman tells the show. “One of my kids for a while, I noticed, he didn’t want to deal with the reality of what’s going on. I noticed some tears coming down his face. I held him for ten minutes and he held me back and that’s all he needed.”

Suleman, who on Jan. 26 gave birth to the octuplets, also told the show the weight of all eight babies: Nariah: 3.5 lbs, Makai: 3.5 lbs, Jeremiah: 3.5 lbs, Jonah: 2.5, Josiah: 2.5 lbs, Noah: 4.5 lbs, Isaiah: 4.5 lbs, Maliah: 4 lbs.

As far as the babies’ father, she says she paid him for the sperm donation. “A certain amount of money,” she says, “not too much but just enough so he knew that there were boundaries there. I wanted those boundaries to be really firm and know that this is a business arrangement.”

It’s great to hear Nadya is now accepting the offered help and care of the skilled nurses. Can you imagine caring for eight newborns with six older children at home?

The Rock As Barack Obama On SNL Skit

Booty Call Text Sent By Chris Brown’s Manager Tina Davis

Sources are reporting that the booty call text that was said to have started the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna beating was sent by none other than Chris Brown’s manager, Tina Davis. This story gets more and more interesting! Read more on Chris and Tina Davis below.

Tina Davis is Chris Brown’s longtime manager. And TMZ is reporting that Tina Davis, 39, is the one that sent the text message that started the fight between Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna. The text had reportedly come “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

There have been rumors that Davis, 39, has been having an affair with Chris Brown since he was only 16 years-old. Brown is now 19.

Police reports released last week give more detail as to how the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight occurred. In the police report, Rihanna said she found a three-page text message on Brown’s phone from a woman with whom he had been previously involved. The couple fought over the text and Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

The New York Daily News has sources which also confirm the story. Their source states that Tina Davis wanted to arrange to meet Chris Brown later that night at a London Hotel.

An industry source previously described the text to The News as a “booty call.”

“Rihanna saw it and she got upset,” the insider said. “They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her. She pulled away. That’s when she’s told people he hit her.”