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Sep 23, 2010

Lyfe Jennings Sentenced To Three & A Half Years In Prison

Singer Lyfe Jennings was sentenced today to three and a half years in jail in an Atlanta court. Read more on Lyfe Jennings’ sentencing below.

R & B singer Lyfe Jennings was given 3.5 years in prison today in Atlanta over a 2008 indictment.

The singer reportedly got into an argument with his former girlfriend and baby mama, Joy Pound. During the confrontation Jennings kicked in the door of a home owned by Jeff Kendrick and fired several rounds from a .40 caliber glock pistol before running from the scene in his Corvette.

Jennings wouldn’t pull over for police when they signaled him to stop him. Lyfe was driving over 70 miles per hour but was eventually stopped and then refused to take a sobriety test.

The singer was charged and convicted of criminal trespassing, firing a weapon near a street, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and fleeing or attempting to elude a police offer.

Lyfe Jennings sent out a message on his Twitter:

“This will be my last post” Jennings wrote yesterday on his Twitter. “To everyone who gave me a chance I am forever in your debt. I have had a fabulous career because of you. All I can say in parting is that I have been honest with [ya'll].

I didn’t sugarcoat a word didn’t hold back a single [syllable] of my life from [ya'll]. I’ve lived a hundred lives in these 6 yrs so I not only won’t,I don’t have the right to complain.

I would like to think that I’ve changed lives by changing my own, tho[ugh] I can’t be sure. But one thing I am sure of is God gives and takes away in measure. He is fair, just and forever. Amen from a man… Smile, its contagious:)”