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Feb 2, 2009

Miley Cyrus: Low-Key at LAX

Doing her best to stay under the paparazzi radar, Miley Cyrus was spotted at LAX International Airport yesterday (February 1).

The “Hannah Montana” hottie sported a black v-neck top with black stretch pants and Sherpa-lined boots as she ducked inside a private room.

In related news, it sounds like Miley has a new ride- she told fans on MileyWorld that she’s currently rolling around town in a new Toyota Prius, a gift from her father Billy Ray.

She revealed, “I’m gonna get Hello Kitty floor mats,” adding that the car is “good for the environment and adorable.”

Speaking of Billy Ray, Miss Cyrus credits him for keeping the shutterbugs at bay. In a recent report she gushed, “He is protective of all of us, because he loves us. He particularly gets upset when paparazzi always try to get my picture. It’s because I’m his little girl. Once I saw him get upset with one guy. He was saying ‘Dude, not cool, not cool.’ The guy was so apologetic, going ‘Sorry Mr Cyrus, sorry.’”