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Jul 30, 2009

Kevin Federline’s Fans Shocked At His Huge Size!

Kevin Federline’s size attracted attention at a recent celebrity sporting event. So what happened to his svelte dancer’s body? Read more on K-Fed’s weight gain below.

Kevin Federline sure has packed on the pounds. His weight gain shocked many of his fans when he appeared at the California sporting even Monday. Maybe Kevin’s payment from ex-wife Britney of $20-$40K per month is all going to food!

Ryan Sheckler spotted K-Fed at the X Games Celebrity Classic even remarked, “Man, that’s a belly on him! That’s K-Fed?!?”

Other celebs like Verne Troyer, Frankie Delgado and Josh Henderson participated in competitive activities at the event. Kevin Federline, 31, spent time with girlfriend Victoria Prince sitting on a shaded patio sipping vodka and orange juice cocktails and smoking cigarettes.

Kevin’s other ex Shar Jackson had commented previously on Kevin’s weight saying, “It’s daddy weight!” she told Us magazine. “When you are a full time parent, sometimes you can’t focus on you. If gaining a few pounds is your only problem, life’s not too bad!”

Madonna’s Arms Frighten On-Lookers In London

Madonna reportedly shocked people in London on Sunday as she showed off her freakish biceps and thick bulging veins on her arms in her white t-shirt. Is Madonna overdoing her workouts? Read more below.

It’s no secret that Madonna takes exercise seriously with her two hour work-outs, six days a week…. but is it too much?

And just how did Madonna get her arms to look that way?

“Oftentimes when your body fat is really, really, low, as Madonna’s is, you’re going to see veins pop,” explained Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “Her body fat is minimal, and she does a lot of strength training workouts that are going to build her muscles to look more visible.”

But is it healthy?

“When muscles look that way, it’s often the result of pretty restrictive eating and dehydration,” Bonci said, noting the “pop” of Madonna’s veins mimics the appearance bodybuilders attempt to achieve for competitions.

“With bodybuilders, the goal is to be sinewy, to make everything stand out. How do you get to that goal? You restrict your fluid intake. But then you might collapse on stage.”

Madonna is currently back in London with her children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, David Banda, 3 and new adopted tot Mercy, 4, after traveling around Europe with them in her Sticky And Sweet tour.

So what do you guys think… do you find her arms disgusting or think she’s just in great shape?

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Break-Up!!

Reality star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend of two years, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush have broken up! Read more on Kardashian and Bush’s split below.

The couple recently returned from their trip to Africa for charity, and just talked about getting married in May.

But friends of the couple say they have spent so much time apart and their relationship has suffered. And of course the NFL season will start soon.

“They never get to see each other, ever,” the source says. “It’s been a long time coming. They still love each other and are part of their lives, but Reggie spends six months out of the year in New Orleans, so it’s tough.”

Kardashian, 28, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, had dated Reggie Bush, 24, since 2007.

“They were the cutest couple,” another source tells People magazine. “They loved each other so much but they hardly saw each other. He starts his football training camp this week and she starts filming Keeping up with the Kardashians this week. They just need a break right now.”