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Jun 15, 2009

Doug Reinhardt Using Paris Hilton For Her Money!

Paris Hilton broke it off with Doug Reinhardt, hooked up with soccer hottie Cristiano, and then came crawling back to Reinhardt only to learn from her accountants that Reinhardt has been helping himself to Paris’ credit cards. Read more below.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

According to reliable sources, a somewhat overserved Reinhardt was overheard bragging about Hilton being his ”meal ticket for life” and further boasting that his romantic ‘’skills” had Paris totally smitten.

”I can’t believe he said what he said,” a partygoer who was with the couple at N9ne restaurant revealed. ”Just listening to him brag made us realize what a pig he is.”

The quite interesting part of the story includes Paris crawling back on all fours to Doug Reinhardt, even telling TMZ how awesome he is!

Has Paris finally met her match?