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Sep 11, 2008

Barack Obama Wants Sex Education in Kindergarten

In the video above Barack Obama played the blame game, by blaming John McCain for saying Obama advocates teaching sex education in Kindergarten. Then Obama goes on to say he actually does advocate teaching sex education in Kindergarten.

obama says teaching sex education in Kindergarten "is the right thing to do." I would like to hear Obama’s rationale for this position, but no one in the media has been allowed to ask him to explain himself, so we are left to posting these videos instead.

When McCain said Obama advocates teaching sex education in Kindergarten, McCain was speaking the truth, so why was Obama whining that McCain was saying something that was true?

In the video Mitt Romney confirms Obama advocacy of teaching sex education in Kindergarten.

I only learned about this today. Five year-olds haven’t even hit puberty yet, so why would they need sex education?

In the video below Obama says that a young mother having a baby is "punishment." Obama said:

Busted! Kanye Goes Berserk on Paparazzo

(Sept. 11) - Kanye West and one of his bodyguards were arrested Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after an altercation with paparazzi in which the rapper allegedly smashed a camera on the floor.
Airport police arrested West and his road manager, Don Crowley, who also serves as a bodyguard, on suspicion of felony vandalism shortly before 8 a.m., LAX spokesman Marshall Lowe said. He said early reports indicated that a camera valued at more than $10,000 was broken.
The incident happened before West and his bodyguard passed a security checkpoint at an airport terminal that houses American Airlines. The pair were scheduled to board a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, Lowe said.