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Mar 22, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Steps Out for More Treatment

While her lack of money and unemployment woes are said to be causing all kinds of stress, Lindsay Lohan was spotted sneaking into her rehab program in Glendale, California on Monday (March 23).

The “Mean Girls” starlet did her best to avoid eye contact with awaiting paparazzi, heading into the building’s parking garage entrance for another session at the Right On program.

As for her career, rumors tell that Miss Lohan may be focusing more on modeling following her recent Fornarina campaign and absence of movie offers.

Talking about the lack of work, LiLo said, “It’s scary when you realize, ‘Oh my God, I’m not working. And I have a house to pay for now.’... and there’s been some things I’ve really wanted to do.”

Paris Hilton: Another Season of BFF

Though we haven’t seen much of her first season’s BFF Brittany Flickinger, Paris Hilton is back on the prowl for a new guy or girl to fulfill the role of ‘bestie.’

The “Simple Life” starlet was spotted filming an episode for a new season of “Paris Hilton: My New BFF” on 3rd Street in Hollywood, California yesterday afternoon (March 22).

And it sounds like Miss Hilton is also thinking of motherhood currently, with reports telling that she has toned down her partying lifestyle in preparation for getting pregnant.

A source revealed that Paris is keeping all of her best dresses for her future daughters, and that she’s ready to settle down with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. “Paris thinks Doug is handsome, generous and fun to be with.”

Nadya Suleman Fires Free Nannies

Looking as if she’s not going to accept the help after all, Nadya Suleman has reportedly fired the free nursing staff offered up by Angels In Waiting.

Spotted out earlier today (March 23) meeting with her realtor, Miss Suleman told RadarOnline that she plans to use her own nannies that were already lined-up prior to the offer for free care.

Of the announcement made by Nadya, lawyer Gloria Allred told press: “We have no comment at this time. We will respond tomorrow afternoon with the true facts.”

Meanwhile, those associated with Angels in Waiting are lined up for an appearance on Dr. Phil tomorrow, with Octomom also hoping to squeeze onto the guest list so that she can defend her decision to snub the cost-free helping hands.