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Feb 18, 2009

Borneo Monster WTF? has an interesting story and photos of what is being referred to as the “Borneo Monster”. These photos show a huge snake-type creature. Is Borneo’s legend real? See more photos of the Borneo Monster below.

One photo shows the huge snake creature in the Baleh River, taken by a helicopter by an unknown member of a flood disaster team member.

The locals say it may be the legendary creature they call Nabu, which is a dragon-type shape-shifting sea serpent.
[Furthermore, the reported size of the creature cannot be correct. The original estimate given was that the creature was 100 feet long, though the scale of the photos suggest it must be far larger. [Scientists recently found the fossil of a prehistoric snake said to be 43 feet long; it's been extinct for some 60 million years, though.]

Then there’s the question of whether the photo was even taken at the Baleh river, since most photographs of its waters show it to be a cloudy river, not the clear, dark blue water seen in the aerial photo. If the photo was actually taken by a disaster team member checking on flooded regions, the flooding runoff would increase the suspended particulates in the water (silt, debris, etc.), creating even cloudier water than usual.

Of course, all these troubling questions vanish if the photographs are simply faked.]