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Mar 1, 2010

Trina's Nude Cell Phone Photos Leak Online! *Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View + Guy Who Leaked The Pictures Is Making Wild Allegations


Nude photos of rapper Trina leaked to the Internet this weekend, showing a photo of her topless and one of her crotch. Read more on this story below.

The Miami rapper had a few revealing photos which appear to be taken on her cellphone. You can see Trina’s nude photos posted on

One of the leaked pictures shows a clear shot of Trina’s face and her breasts, while another is a photo of her va-jay-jay. There are photos of Trina and her boyfriend, NBA star Kenyon Martin. But maybe the most disturbing photos are the ones of some nasty type of skin rash.

Trina recently revealed that she had lost her cellphone and even spoke about the possibility of embarrassing photos being leaked.

In the interview with, the rapper said she would be devastated if personal photos of herself were made public.

“I personally would not want a picture of me exposed leaked,” Trina told the website. “I lost my phone, and I had some pictures of me that I don’t want the world to see. I’m thinking that if it ever came out, I’m devastated. It’s not sex tape pictures, but it’s still … I don’t want you to see it. Losing a phone, it happens.

“I was so devastated about this phone. I was calling up my mom crying like ‘Mom…’ I just feel like what’s personal is personal,” she continued. “I don’t feel like, as an artist, that I need to do anything to expose myself. I don’t need to put out a nude photo for press. I don’t need to do that. I don’t want a sex tape of me and my significant other to be worldwide for the world to see. That’s a personal endeavor.”

Although the photos from her lost cellphone were leaked, Trina made it clear that she wouldn’t have a sex tape leaked.

Justin Bieber’s Deadly Sweet 16 Party?

Teen star Justin Bieber is planning a huge 16th birthday party, but guests will have to sign a disclaimer in case they are injured during the party festivities. Read more on Justin Bieber’s party below.

Justin Bieber will celebrate his 16th birthday on Monday and will have a huge bash in Los Angeles for all his friends.

Bieber’s invitation shows partygoers will enjoy a swimming pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, sumo wrestlng, air hockey, pool table, on call chef, karaoke, Rockband, Wii, XBox, PlayStation, In-house workout gym, tennis court, paintball and private movie screenings of current movies.

But all this fun comes with a release form stating, “I fully understand my/minor’s participation may involve risk or serious injury or death.”