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May 23, 2008

Low Blow: Shanna Moakler Posts Hilton’s Contact Info

Paris Hilton’s private contact details were posted on rival Shanna Moakler’s MySpace page, leading to a barrage of random phone calls on Friday evening.
According to the New York Post, Moakler, whose husband Travis Barker dated Paris when he briefly split from Shanna last year, put the hotel heiress’ personal phone number and e-mail address on her MySpace blog entitled “Put This In Your Pipe and Smoke It.” She also posted e-mail addresses for Lindsay Lohan, but no phone number.
Paris’ always-busy rep, Elliot Mintz, stated: “This woman is simply desperate for press and attention. Shanna deliberately posted Paris’s phone number and e-mail address on her Web site. It was an unprovoked invasion upon Paris’s privacy, which immediately caused her to change her contact information. It was a childish, mean-spirited thing to do. And we are not going to dignify such an action with any additional comment.”
The controversial Moakler blog entry read: “I posted this blog back in January to let you all know that my accounts were hacked and since there are two little girls with too much time on their hands and no one to love them I’d like to share my ‘hacked’ info as well. I’ve tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they won’t go away.”
Lohan’s rep claimed the contact details for the actress were incorrect, adding: “She and Shanna are not friends.”
On Sunday, Shanna removed the blog but added one which read: “There are numerous reasons why I posted my last blog and I stand behind every single one of them.”

Kim Kardashian and Haylie Duff: MySpace Battle!

Haylie Duff posted an interesting blog entry on her MySpace profile last night. While trying to patch up her friendship with Kim Kardashian, Haylie seems to have immersed herself into an even bigger catfight with the trust-funder.
Haylie’s blog entry reads: “Stuff like this REALLY PISSES ME OFF. I try to reach out and be nice and instead it just gets shoved back in my face. This is why you should never move to Hollywood, the place is full of arrogant, immature, and offensive b****** who can’t hold their liquor and can’t keep their legs closed.”
What set Haylie off? In a e-mail conversation between the two, Duff’s attempt to settle her differences with Kardashian seemed to be going well… until Kim flipped a switch and called Haylie a horse and a slut.
No word yet from either of the two’s reps, but - if true - this could get bitter. Kardashian just received $5 million in a settlement over the release of her sex tape with Ray-J, meaning she has lots of money and nothing to do. This really is no different than her past situation, but now the money isn’t coming from her daddy’s trust fund, it came from Vivid and went straight to her head!

Paris Hilton’s Prison Panic Button

paris hilton
She’s been praying that her jail sentence be amended to something other than… well… jail, but a panic button seems to be the best that Paris Hilton’s going to get. The heiress, spotted out in LA toting a self-help book called The Power Of Now along with - get this - The Holy Bible, seems to be flip-flopping her image in a last ditch attempt for a little pity and protection.
According to Life Style, Paris’ complaining has ended up leading to a little bit of sympathy. Apparently, someone found it a good idea to arm Paris with a “panic device giving her a 24-hour link to prison guards in case she encounters trouble when she begins her prison sentence next month.”
The jail’s spokesman Steve Whitmore had previously stated that Ms Hilton would “be treated like any other inmate who’s classified as a low-level security risk.”
Despite this statement, Paris gets her 24-hour alarm and will be kept in the prison’s ’special needs’ unit, which is reserved for high-profile inmates.
With only two weeks left, Paris has said that she’s “really scared” to report to the Century Regional Detention Center in suburban Lynwood, California on June 5. Once there, she will spend about three weeks behind bars - only half of her original 45 day sentence.
Enjoy the pictures of Paris carrying her image-shaping reading material in LA. Sadly, nobody told her that proper girls wear bras.

Britney Spears: Vegas Comeback Talks

She’s been busting her buns at the gym, and singing her heart out in the studio, and now it seems Britney Spears is working on a career jumpstart in Las Vegas.
As previously reported by the Gossip Girls, the “Piece of Me” singer was spotted earlier this week having dinner with George Maloof Jr., the owner of Palms Hotel and Casino in Sin City, and now we know why.
According to an inside source, Brit is planning to perform a series of concerts at Maloof’s venue to the tune of $10 million. How’s that for paying off some legal bills!
The source told press, “She wants to make a splashy comeback in Las Vegas. She wants the show to be full of high energy and flashy costume changes. [It will be a] multi-million dollar stage production she hopes will jump-start her career.”

David Cook Talks Idol Win

david cook
He’s the latest in a long line of American Idol season winners, and David Cook seems to be taking his massive victory in stride. Last night after he was announced as the Season 7 champ, the Blue Springs, Mo bartender talked to press about his experience thus far.
Maintaining an air of humility, David said that he’s up for whatever his Idol status brings his way. “I actually walked into this with no expectations and I’m walking out of it with no expectations. This show is a springboard, but it’s still a crapshoot. I could easily walk out of this arena and be just a regular Joe tomorrow. I hope that’s not the case. It’s kind of up to everybody else

Kim Kardashian Parties Responsibly

Kim K
Continuing along on her globetrotting ways, Kim Kardashian was spotted getting her groove on with football playing boyfriend Reggie Bush on Thursday night (May 22).
The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starlet and her man were the center of attention as they mingled with fellow partygoers at Pure nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia.
But don’t expect to see any pictures of Kim stumbling around, as she chooses not to imbibe on the cocktails that land so many of her peers in embarrassing predicaments.
Of her decision for steering clear of the booze, Kim recently told:” There is no fancy reason for why I don’t drink alcohol. I simply hate the taste! I really can’t stomach it. I might drink once a year on a special occasion. I am still recovering from last Memorial Day weekend. The smell to this day makes me want to barf! It’s funny that it seems so odd to people that I don’t drink. They all assume I’m sober or had a drinking problem. Nope, I just hate the taste. I never was a drinker.”

Diddy Vs Tequila 1800

The Ciroc vodka suits are supposedly up in arms because they gave Diddy a $100 million deal to develop their brand, and yet the mogul is allegedly only drinking Tequila 1800 when he's out and about.
We wonder…why shouldn't Diddy freely enjoy his tequila?
Diddy lists Tequila 1800 as his favorite drink on his IMDB page and we even found a People story from back in 2004 that mentions the tequila is his bevvie of choice.
It's not like he's been caught drinking some other vodka brand!
C'mon…it's like expecting Tiger Woods to only drive Buicks when he's cruising out on the town.
Maybe the Ciroc people should have been more clear about what they expect from Diddy in the contract????

Oprah Says No To Meat Ha..

For 21 whole days, Oprah is going vegan.
No meat. No fish. No dairy.
The queen of talk was reportedly inspired by Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness and says, "this 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about [eating] differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods – and what I'm willing to do to change.
You can keep up with Oprah's vegan experiment on her blog.
So far, she says, "Wow, wow, wow! I never imagined meatless meals could be so satisfying."
Have fun on that, O, but we need our chorizo to feel happy

Snipes Is Loose

Wesley Snipes is a lucky guy…for now.
The courts ruled on Wednesday that if he was not granted bail to appeal his tax convictions, then he'd have to check into the big house by June 3rd.
According to new reports, though, Snipes was granted bail today (Thursday) until his appeal goes through.
The judge who issued the order reportedly indicated that the appeal process could "equal — or nearly equal — the length of the term of the commitment imposed."
Regardless, we're sure Snipes will do some time behind bars. He better! but i still remember when he did this shit lmao...snipes

Diddys Got Drama??

it appears that Diddy hasn't been keeping up to his end of the "understood" agreement with Ciroc by not promoting and drinking the vodka everywhere he goes.
But, we're sure he kept his $100 million from the deal with them!
During the Cannes Film Festival this week, Diddy was at the Belvedere bash to launch the new Jagger Dagger. It's a new drink designed by Jade Jagger for Belvedere.
Sources reveal to that Diddy was in the VIP room all night, with about an entourage of 50 or more people.
"He spent the night drinking Belvedere and making sure his posse had enough Belvedere on hand as well," a party source tells us.
Shit, it's Diddy. He can do whatever he wants. He just needs to travel with his own butler from now on and that has Ciroc vodka on him at all times!

Amy Winehouse In Rehab Y She Looks Ok To Me

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse is heading to Isreal for some rehabbin', according to new British media reports.
Apparently, Wino's going to Israel because they offer some new approaches to treating drug addiction that her family and advisors hope will be more succesful.
Uh huh!
The Israeli doctor who'll reportedly be treating Wino explains that his method is proven to be more effective because drug addiction is approached as a neurological problem, rather than a social and psychological problem.
For Wino's sake we, REALLY hope it works- this time.

Bow Wow Says Hes Done

bow wow wowAnother musician turned wannabe thespian!
Rapper/'actor' Bow Wow will be joining the boys on Entourage in season 5, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Bow Wow has been cast as Charlie, a new stand-up comic client of E.
Bow Wow tells the Reporter that he's going to focus on acting full time because wants to be like Will Smith. He says, "After 16 years in the music industry and six successful albums, I've decided to shift my energy to something else I'm passionate about, acting. I'm going to try to be the next Will Smith."

Dmx What ???

A court has nixed the $1.5 million judgement awarded to a woman named Monique Wayne, who filed a defamation suit against rapper DMX after he alleged that she raped him, a new report reveals.
A Maryland judge has ruled that DMX was not properly served with court papers in the case filed against him by Wayne.
Wayne was awarded the $1.5 million at a January hearing after DMX failed to appear. But, his lawyers challenged that claim, saying Wayne did not properly serve him with lawsuit papers and was unaware of the case against him.
Wayne became pregnant after an August 2003 hook up with DMX.
She gave birth to a boy in April 2004 and DNA tests showed it was DMX's son.
But in a 2006 magazine interview, DMX without referring to Wayne by name, said she "raped" him while he slept.
Of course, Wayne denied the claim and sued his ass.
She said she filed the lawsuit because "he lied to the whole world on me" about what happened.
We don't think DMX is going to be quite so lucky with the cases pending against him in Arizona!
Can a woman really rape a man while he sleeps????

Kim Is Back

On Thursday, a Manhattan federal judge awarded Lil' Kim $500,000 in a lawsuit against Junior M.A.F.I.A. rapper Lil' Cease and his entertainment company.
Apparently, Lil' Cease and company wrongly capitalized on the Queen B's fame to sell an unauthorized DVD.
Lil' Kim was originally seeking $6 million in damages.
At least she walked away with something!
Karma's a bitch for Lil' Cease. The rapper had testified against Lil’ Kim in a perjury trial that landed her in prison for one month and a day back in 2005.
Will she use the money to get her Bentley back