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Dec 27, 2009

Kevin Jonas To Wed Danielle Deleasa This Weekend!

Kevin Jonas is reportedly getting married this weekend to his fiance Danielle Deleasa. Read more on the eldest Jonas Brothers’ wedding plans below.

Is Kevin Jonas really getting married this weekend? According to various media sources, it appears Kevin and Danielle will wed this Saturday.

Kevin Jonas, 22,and Danielle Deleasa will reportedly have their wedding rehearsal on Friday which will reportedly feature a roller skating rink.

Kevin and Danielle’s wedding will be on Saturday at an estate on Long Island.

Kevin previously told People that his brothers Joe and Nick will be his best men.

“I decided that it’s going to be both Joe and Nick” he told the mag earlier this year. “Dani has an older and a younger sister, so it works out really well. I can have two best men, and she can have two maids of honor.”

Jonas and Deleasa, who is a former hairdresser from New Jersey, met in 2007 while each of their families were on vacation in the Bahamas. Kevin pursued Deleasa after he spotted her on the beach. The couple confirmed their engagement in July.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry Moving In Together?

British comedian Russell Brand has reportedly purchased a new home in the Hollywood Hills for him and his girlfriend Katy Perry. Read more on the couple’s plans below.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall actor has purchased a $3.5 million home in The Summit estate in Los Angeles, which has seven bedrooms.

Russell Brand recently sparked rumors he intends to move to the United States from Britain after putting his London home on the market in November. Russell also was spotted looking at diamond rings at Cartier earlier this month, so maybe he intends to propose over the holidays?

Lil Wayne Detained In Texas After Finding Marijuana On His Tour Buses

Police say Rapper Lil Wayne and eleven other people were briefly detained after U.S. Border Patrol officers found marijuana on two of his tour buses. Read more on Lil Wayne below.

Lil Wayne, real name is Dwayne Carter, and the eleven other people in his entourage were questioned and released on Friday night.

A drug dog detected drugs on one of the tour buses, and marijuana was found during their secondary inspections.

The rapper had been scheduled to play a show in Laredo, Texas, but right before the show was to begin it was announced it would be postponed.

Kendra Wilkinson Tweets About Her Newborn Son

Former “Girl Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, football player Hank Baskett, welcomed their son, Hank Randall Baskett IV, December 11th. Read what Kendra has to say about her baby boy below.

Kendra posted to her Twitter page saying:

“Up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it,” she wrote. “He almost peed in my face today.”

Kendra is tired but glad to be able to drink coffee again for energy: “man it feels great reuniting with my best friend that i havent seen in 9 months…her name is COFFEE!!!!!!”

Kendra went to her son’s doctor appointment on Monday and reported: “hes 100% im 100% happy.”

But now the new mom is ready to get her old body back. Kendra wrote “I’m going to get into better shape than ever. It’s time to get my butt back into shape. That’s my goal!

Wilkinson reportedly gained 55 lbs with her pregnancy and weighed only 110 lbs before she conceived.

Rapper T.I. Released From Prison To Halfway House

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris has been released from an Arkansas jail and has been placed into a halfway house in Georgia. Read more on T.I.’s release below.

T.I.’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, said the rapper has returned to his hometown in Atlanta, Georgia.

“He was released this morning from his place of incarceration in Arkansas,” Sadow said in an interview. “As I understand it, he’s on his way back to the Atlanta area. He has to report to a halfway house in Atlanta sometime this evening. And he will then spend somewhere between the next two or three months in a halfway house, ending his Buruea of Prison sentence. A halfway house is more along the lines of a residential dormitory. You live within this house that is broken into areas for living, and you are permitted to leave during the day for certain reasons of which would be employment, medical reasons, things of that nature, and you return to the halfway house in the evening. So it’s a restriction on your liberty but it’s a way for you to reenter into society and not be confined within a jail type institution 24-hours a day.”

Previous reports stated that T.I. was scheduled to released in May 2010, but is being released for good behavior!

The rapper was doing time for his arrest on gun charges two years ago.

Federal agents had targeted Harris in 2007 after arresting his body guard, who bought guns from undercover agents. The body guard said three machine guns and two silencers were for Harris. Then ATF agents arrested T.I. when he took delivery of the guns from his body guard. His arrest took place just hours before he was to receive two awards at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2007.

Jennifer Hudson Pregnant With Second Child…Four Months After First!

Singer Jennifer Hudson is pregnant with her second child with fiance David Otunga, just four months after giving birth to her son David Otunga, Jr. Read more on Jennifer Hudson’s baby news below.

Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her first child just four months ago and was surprised to learn she is now expecting her second child.

“Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby,” says a close friend. Jennifer just learned she was expecting on Dec. 10. The friend added it was quite a surprise and “She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages.”

But Hudson, 28, is very happy with being pregnant with her second child.

“She and David love kids,” says the pal. “It’s another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays.”

Dec 26, 2009

Johnny Knoxville & Girlfriend Naomi Nelson Welcome Baby Boy!

The “Jackass” star and his girlfriend Naomi Nelson welcomed a son on Sunday in Los Angeles. Read more on Johnny Knoxville’s baby boy below.

The couple welcomed their Rocko Akira Clapp on Sunday evening in LA. Little Rocko weighed 8 lbs., and measured 20 inches long. The Los Angeles Times reports that baby and mother are doing well.

Knoxville, 38, whose real name is Phillip John Clapp, said he was “excited as hell” when he learned Naomi was expecting.

Rocko joins 13 year-old Madison, Johnny’s daughter from his previous marriage.

Congrats to Johnny and Naomi on their baby

Dec 11, 2009

Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis $51,101 Per Month

A judge has ordered rapper Nas to pay his estranged wife Kelis $51,101 a month on Wednesday. Read more on Nas’ hefty alimony and child support payments below.

The ruling from the judge came after two days of testimony on the musicians in which they both were portrayed to be strapped for cash. Nas has paid Kelis almost $40,000 every month since July.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham III listened to the testimony on their finances and record deals and made his ruling. Both Nas and Kelis made an appearance in court and both testified.

Although the $51,101 sounds really bad, Nas’ lawyer said his client actually will benefit from the change. Nas will not have to pay the $13,000 a month for their Los Angeles home.

Kelis lives at her Los Angeles home with their infant son,Knight, and has installed recording equipment at the house.

Kendra Wilkinson Delivers Big Baby Boy Via C-Section

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Indianapolis Colts player Hank Baskett, have welcomed their baby boy! Read more on Kendra’s baby news below.

We reported on Thursday that Kendra Wilkinson had checked into the hospital to deliver her baby and he was born early Friday morning via C-section.

Hank Baskett IV was a healthy 9 lbs 5 oz!

“Mother and baby are doing well,” a source stated. “Kendra and Hank are very happy.”

Kendra, 24, and Hank, 27, were married at the Playboy mansion in July, just weeks after finding out they were expecting.

“We always hinted to each other that we wouldn’t mind having kids soon,” she said. “We weren’t trying, but we didn’t use a condom that night.”

“I want to make sure that my boy knows I’m there every step of the way,” she said. “I will be putting 100 percent of my love and time into my child.”