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May 13, 2010

Forgot About Rapper Lady Sovereign Confirms She’s A Lesbian Blah Blah Blah Who Cares

British rapper Lady Sovereign has confirmed rumors that she is a lesbian, insisting she would have “come out” sooner if her publicists hadn’t talked her out of it. Read more on Lady Sovereign below.

Rapper Lady Sovereign, 24, who was a protege of Jay-Z’s at Def Jam, has been plagued by rumors about her sexuality for year. She had people talking even more after revealing she liked same-sex trysts while appearing on the British reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Lady Sovereign has now admitted she is a lesbian in an interview with gay magazine Diva.

The rapper stated, “Magazines would always ask about it (sexuality) but (they) would get stopped by my publicists. It was my choice, too, because I was a bit worried about it – but now I don’t really give a s**t.

“You can’t hide away forever. It’s just stupid and now I’ve come out I feel a lot more comfortable with myself. But it was a bit scary back then, because some people do have horrible opinions.”

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