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Feb 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Leaves Sex Rehab

Tiger Woods has reportedly left sex rehab at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Mississippi early Friday. Read more on Tiger Woods below.

Tiger Woods reportedly left sex rehab with his wife Elin by his side this morning.

The couple was accompanied by security and left together this morning. Elin and Tiger are “planning on spending some time alone as they attempt to repair their marriage”, RadarOnline reports.

Woods’ release from the rehab center is good timing as his son Charlie celebrates his first birthday on Monday. The couple also have a daughter named Sam, 2.

Some sources are reporting Tiger Woods might return to playing golf, possibly playing Feb. 17 in the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona.

Tiger Woods has stayed out of the public eye after the November car crash and later detailed reports of his sexual affairs with many different mistresses.

Do you think Elin and Tiger can actually make their marriage work?

Socialite Gigi Jordan Kills 8 Yr-Old Son In Botched Murder-Suicide Attempt

Manhattan socialite Gigi Jordan, who was reportedly upset over her failing marriage, killed her 8 year-old son Jude in the Peninsula Hotel. Read more on this horrific story below.

Police discovered Gigi Jordan, 49, “babbling incoherently” on the floor of Room 1154 at the Peninsula luxury hotel. Gigi had killed her 8 year-old son in a botched murder-suicide attempt over her doomed marriage. .

Jordan’s son Jude appeared to be dead about one day was lying face-up on the floor beside his mother with thousands of prescription pills scattered around the room.

The dead child was “foaming at the mouth” from an apparent overdose, police said.

Reports say there were several notes left inside the room, but sources aren’t certain if they were suicide letters.

Police said of Gigi, “She lawyers up right away,” and added, “She won’t answer any questions.”

Gigi Jordan resides in the Trump International Hotel & Towers, was upset about the end of her marriage and checked into the Peninsula hotel on Wednesday evening. Jordan paid the hotel bill with cash, ordered room service and never left the room.

Gigi had been emailing her aunt in Belgium saying she was going to kill herself and her son. The aunt contacted the NYPD, who sent officers to Jordan’s home.

Police finally found her at the Peninsula hotel with her dead 8 year-old son.

Jordan was transported to Bellevue Hospital at about 12:45 p.m., police said. She had taken some of the pills, but survived the suicide attempt.

What a sad and horrific incident!