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Nov 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse: Care for Some Cheese?

In the ongoing bizarre life of Amy Winehouse, this morning the troubled singer was spotted sporting a new curly hairdo as she stepped out of her North London home to borrow a paparazzo’s mobile phone.

The “Rehab” songstress then disappeared inside for a bit before returning with the phone as well as some slices of toast with cheese as a thank-you gift to the shutterbugs.

Throughout her conversation with the photogs, it was learned that the reason behind Amy’s lack of social activity as of late was a rash that needed medical attention.

In related news, it sounds like Winehouse is already planning ahead when it comes to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s recent release. According to a source, her father Mitch has called in lawyers to protect her fortune for the time being.

Amy Winehouse’s Trip to the Pub

If there’s one celebrity who seems to violate all notions of logic, it’s Amy Winehouse. And earlier today (November 11) she was spotted getting wasted in the middle of the day.

The “You Know I’m No Good” songstress was out this afternoon with a few friends as she walked down the street to a nearby pub for a drink and a snack.

Despite all of her past troubles with alcohol, Winehouse was all about ordering shots of tequila and downing pints of beer, all the while flirting with her friend Blake Wood.

With her husband being released early from prison to go straight into rehab, you gotta wonder why in the world Amy is conducting herself in such a way. Then again, it’s nothing new.

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden: Foxtail Flirts

Enjoying a night out on the town, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden were spotted on their way out of Foxtail Lounge last night (November 11).

The “Hottie and the Nottie” starlet and her Good Charlotte rock star boyfriend looked a bit annoyed as they passed the paparazzi, with Miss Hilton sporting a sexy green dress while Benji opted for a basic white t-shirt/black trousers combo as he yelled at the photogs - warning them not to scratch the Bentley.

And it sounds like Paris may really be breaking into the film world, as it has been reported that she’ll be working with bona fide indie filmmaker Todd Solondz.

The latest news is that she’ll be starring alongside Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling, and Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman) in a new dramatic family comedy set against the backdrop of a war.

Rihanna Jets Out of Perth

Continuing along on her overseas tour, Rihanna was spotted leaving Perth International Airport under airport security and police on Wednesday (November 12).

With her traveling partner/beau Chris Brown nowhere to be seen, Rihanna moved as quickly as possible through the terminal - failing to acknowledge lined-up fans.

And though she was rather shy during her airport stop on this particular, it sounds as if there won’t be any shyness when it comes to this holiday season.

Tabloids tell that Rihanna’s R&B star boyfriend reportedly splashed out $1000 on sexy undergarments for his “Umbrella” singing gal on a recent shopping spree.

An onlooker tells The Sun, “Chris was at top Sydney store Ariane Lingerie and purchased a selection of saucy holiday-related items.”