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Jan 25, 2010

“Diddy” Sean Combs Gives Son Justin “Sweet Sixteen” Party & $360,000 Car!

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son Justin turned 16 this past weekend and his father threw him a huge party in New York, all filmed for MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” show. Read more on this story below.

Diddy threw his son Justin an extravagant birthday party in New York, giving his son a $360,000 Maybach as well as a $10,000 check that Justin donated to Haiti victims.

Eyewitnesses at the M2 Ultralounge party said Diddy almost got into it with his publicist when trying to discuss business with Diddy.

“Diddy was yelling about how it was his son’s birthday and not a night to talk about work,” a partygoer said. “He really ripped into him, but the guy totally deserved it. He was out of line.”

Diddy’s son Justin sat above the packed crowd on a throne while the MTV cameras rolled.

Many celebrities performed at Justin’s party including Fabolous, Juelz, Santana, Heavy D, Jada Kiss, Trey Songz and the birthday song sung by Diddy and Lil Kim,
Other guests included Teyana Taylor, Diggy Simmons, DJ Clue and Quincy Brown (son of Kim Porter).

Justin received a brand-new silver Maybach and a uniformed driver to escort him around New York City because he is just learning to drive.

What Does Chris Brown Have A Gay Brother?

My friends over at and is reporting that Chris Brown has a 1/2 brother that is out of the closet and proud of it. I’m not sure of this is Chris’s younger or older brother but they look to be about the same age.

Pittsburgh Teen Beaten By Police Who Mistook Soda Bottle For A Gun

PITTSBURGH — The photos taken by Jordan Miles' mother show his face covered with raw, red bruises, his cheek and lip swollen, his right eye swollen shut. A bald spot mars the long black dreadlocks where the 18-year-old violist says police tore them from his head.

Now, 10 days after plainclothes officers stopped him on a street and arrested him after a struggle that they say revealed a soda bottle under his coat, not the gun they suspected, his right eye is still slightly swollen and bloodshot. His head is shaved. The three white officers who arrested him have been reassigned. And his mother says she is considering a lawsuit.

"I feel that my son was racially profiled," Terez Miles said. "It's a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. ... They assumed he was up to no good because he's black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He's had a very sheltered life, he's very quiet, he doesn't know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that."

A judge continued the case until Feb. 18 after the officers failed to appear at a hearing Thursday, Miles' attorney, Kerrington Lewis, said.

A judge continued the case until Feb. 18 after the officers failed to appear at a hearing Thursday, Miles' attorney, Kerrington Lewis, said.

The police department is saying little as it investigates and isn't releasing the officers' names. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said that the city is investigating whether the officers' actions were justified and that if they weren't, "they will be held accountable for those actions."

"The incident was very troubling to me, and we're taking it very seriously," Ravenstahl told reporters. "It seems as if there was a tremendous amount of force used."

Miles' family describes him as a studious teenager who plays the viola for a jazz band and the orchestra at Pittsburgh's prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School.

The confrontation began around 11 p.m. Jan. 12, when the teenager walked out of his mother's home and headed to his grandmother's, where he spends most nights. His mother complimented him on the new jacket he had gotten for his birthday.

Trina To Adopt Child From Haiti

While Trina's known for her undeniable rap skills and baddest b*tch mentality, unbeknownst to many the 305 representative is also heavily involved in charity initiatives.

In light of the devastation in Haiti Trina is taking things to new heights by announcing her plans to adopt a child from the embattled country.

Trina made the announcement through a press release saying,
“With the current state that Haiti is in right now; I personally feel like donating monetary and physical possessions is a enormous and vast donation….

However I would like to contribute on a higher level for more personal reasons in addition to being ready to raise/nurture a child; by being involved on a day to day basis.

I am in the financial position to adopt; therefore I am taking it into deep consideration at this time, I have always admired other individuals for adopting children not so much for their celebrity status but more so because of the “nurturing and invaluable change and joy it will bring to a child's life.”

Andy Dick Arrested In West Virginia On Two Felony Charges Of Sexual Abuse

Comedian Andy Dick was arrested in West Virginia on Saturday morning for two felony charges of first-degree sexual abuse. Read more on Andy Dick’s arrest below.

The investigation into Andy Dick’s felony sex abuse charges are ongoing so police are keeping details under wraps, but the comedian was arrested in West Virginia.

The comedian is in West Virgina for six-scheduled performances this weekend at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, and, according to a club rep, Saturday night’s show will go on.

“He had two shows last night and dominated, he was on fire,” Funny Bone manager Tom Schaefer revealed, “the best I’ve ever seen him.”

Dick was reportedly celebrating his sobriety early Friday but by the end of that evening the comedian had gotten drunk.

Police were called to Rum Runners nightclub, where two victims, a bartender and clubgoer, as well as several witnesses, alleged Andy Dick “engaged in unwanted, and uninvited groping of the two victims genital areas,” according to a statement from the Huntington PD. “

Andy Dick is currently on probation after his 2008 arrest for similar charges.

In the 2008 case, Dick avoided jail time but was sentenced to three years’ probation, a portion of which he needed to wear a SCRAM ankle bracelet to detect any drug and alcohol use.

Nikki Sixx & Kat Von D Breakup!

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and tattoo artist Kat Von D have split after dating two years. Read more on Kat and Nikki’s break-up below.

Nikki Sixx, 51, has confirmed the end of his relationship w ith LA Ink star Kat Von D, 27.

“I want to wish Katherine nothing but the best in her life,” Sixx writes on his MySpace page. “She has loved and inspired the hell outta me and I know I have done the same for her in these almost two years we ruled the earth together.

“We are taking a break from our relationship for reasons that we will choose to keep personal. You won’t find me saying a bad word about her and I don’t believe vice versa… We have too much wonderful history together to ever deface that.”

In her November 2009 interview with Fox News, Kat Von D talked about her relationship with Sixx, “I learn so much from him — this is the most fruitful relationship I have ever had. We read a lot together and we are really into self-help books and wisdom books and it’s cool — I am constantly learning from him. We are big fans of the ‘Four Agreements’, ‘A New Earth’ and we just finished Dr. Drew’s new book which has made the most impact on me recently. He talks about narcissism and healthy ways to handle it. But (being in the public eye) is difficult — anybody who says it’s not is lying. Especially being in a relationship with someone who is also in the limelight makes it hard not to pay attention to some of the public’s feedback.”

That sucks huh? They were such a cute couple!

Tiger Woods Gets A Visit From Wife Elin At Sex Rehab

Elin Woods went to Pine Grove to spend time with her husband Tiger while he is being treated for sex addiction at the rehab center. Read more on this story below.

Elin Woods reportedly went to visit her estranged golf pro hubby for five days to be a part of her husband’s recovery program.

“The marriage is not over,” a source revealed. “They both want to save it.”

Sex addiction clinics often involve the family and spouses in their therapy program. “If Tiger and his wife Elin are serious about repairing their marriage, she will be spending some time in Hattiesburg with Tiger,” said New York Times writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Elin was said to have returned to her Orlando home via private jet on Sunday. While she was gone her twin sister and a nanny watched over Tiger and Elin’s children Charlie, almost 1, and daughter Sam, 3.

Do you guys think it’s possible this couple can work things out after all the raunchy details of his mistresses and affairs has been revealed?

Heidi Montag’s Mother Horrified To Learn Of Her Extensive Plastic Surgery

“Hills” star Heidi Montag’s mother was reportedly horrified to hear her daughter had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day as part of her drastic, secret makeover. Read more and see video of Heidi’s “frozen” face below.

People magazine has reported that Heidi Montag’s mother, Darlene Egelhoff, is “horrified and having a total breakdown” over the news of her daughter’s plastic surgery. “She can’t wait to confront Heidi when she goes home.”

Montag kept her plastic surgery procedures a secret from her family and friends and is now afraid to have to face her mother soon.

Montag’s supposed “enhancements” reportedly included:

*Botox injections

*Mini brow lift

*Nose job

*Fat injections to cheeks and lips

*Chin reduction

*Liposuction to her neck

*Ears pinned back

*Buttocks augmentation

*Liposuction to waist, thighs

*Breast augmentation revision to double D’s

But Heidi feels it’s her life and says, “I still can’t believe I’m 23 and mom is reacting this way.” And adds, “I’m nervous to go home and face her – especially with cameras rolling.”

Do you think Heidi looks better after all her surgery? You can read more here for before and after photos.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Split!!

There are rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have called it quits and have hired a divorce attorney to help them divide custody of their children and their assets from their five year relationship. Read more on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s break-up below.

The British Tabloid “News of the World” has reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have parted ways.

The couple is said to be sharing joint custody of their children and may divide up $205 million in assets!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven’t been seen together in public for weeks now.

Canadian journalist Ian Halperin says a close friend of Brad’s confirms he has been unhappy and has wanted to split from Jolie for at least six months.

“Brad is miserable and wants a new start,” said the friend.

“He’s looked miserable and exhausted the past couple of years because he can’t handle Angie’s explosive personality and self destructive ways.

“I love Brad and am in his corner all the way. I feel so bad for him because Angie put him through the ringer. I can confirm that his relationship with Angie is over,” the friend revealed to Halperin.

The children will reportedly live full-time with Jolie, the News of the World report said.

Reps for Pitt and Jolie have remained quiet and have not confirmed their break-up.