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Mar 28, 2010

2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards - complete winners list

The kids have voted (over 115 million votes) and the awards have been given out at the 23rd kids choice awards 2010, nickelodeon kids choice awards 2010, kids choice awards 2010 vote, kids choice awards, kids choice awards 2010 live,Taylor Launter, Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift,UP, 2010 Nick awards annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Taylor swift kept her winning streak going as you took home awards for both favorite female singer and best song.

But there were a few surprises especially in the movie department where Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel took the top honor from Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Could vampires be losing their appeal? Obviously not werewolves as Taylor Launter walked away with 2 awards including favorite make actor.

Here's the 23rd annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards complete list of winners:

• Favorite Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
• Favorite Animated Movie: Up
• Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Jim Carrey, A Christmas Carol
• Favorite Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Favorite Movie Actress: Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana The Movie
• Cutest Couple: Jacob & Bella (Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart) from The Twilight Saga: New Moon

• Favorite Song: Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"
• Favorite Music Group: Black Eyed Peas
• Favorite Male Singer: Jay-Z
• Favorite Female Singer: Taylor Swift

• Favorite TV Show: iCarly
• Favorite Television Actress: Selena Gomez
• Favorite Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants
• Favorite Reality TV Show: American Idol
• Favorite Television Actor: Dylan Sprouse

• First Lady Michelle Obama

• Favorite Male Athlete: Ryan Sheckler
• Favorite Female Athlete: Misty May Treanor

• Favorite Video Game: Mario Kart
• Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
• Ultimate Dance Smack-Down: Noah Munck, Matt Shively and Fanboy and Chum Chum

Miley Cyrus Is No Longer Hannah Montana

Miley says goodbye to her other half.
Ellen Wu

Miley Cyrus is quitting Hannah Montana.

Miley isn’t the only childhood star who quit Disney to pursue a singing career. Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan both left Disney in their teens to work on their music.

The 17-year-old star announced today she would be leaving the Disney show to pursue her pop career full-time because she has "grown out" of it.

After receiving the "Favourite Film Actress” award for her role as Hannah Montana at the Nickelodeon 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, Miley decided to retire
from Hannah Montana.

Over the years, Miley has earned over $400 million from the Disney role. However, she said, "I won't have this [mold] they want me to fit into. I can just be who I want to be. When I was 12 I thought, 'I want to be famous all the time. I want everybody to recognize me.' But as I've grown into Hannah Montana I've also grown out of her."

She added, "I'm going to rejoice and be happy to finally not have to be somebody I'm not. Now that I'm older, people can say what they want and I'm like, 'Whatever.'