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Jan 21, 2009

Brittany Flickinger Still Friends With Paris??

We’re used to seeing her cavorting around town with her BFF Paris Hilton, but last night Brittany Flickinger was spotted out and about all by her lonesome.

The “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” winner looked super sexy in a blue halter-style dress with a red pashmina and matching red peep-toe heels as she arrived at Club Element in Los Angeles.

And it sounds like we may be seeing more of Brittany going solo - apparently she and Paris aren’t doing so well in the BFF department.

According to a report, Paris’ sister Nicky refused to let Paris stay at David Katzenberg’s Sundance house during the Film Festival, forcing her to rent her own condo.

Also, Miss Hilton has been cold to Brittany in favor of hanging out with Aubrey O’Day while in Sundance. An insider revealed, “Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey. She [Brittany] was crying and screaming, ‘Paris, stop leaving me!’”