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Aug 14, 2009

Police Called To Jon & Kate Gosselin’s Home During Fight!!

Police were called to Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Pennsylvania home on Thursday after the couple got into a heated argument. Read more for details on Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fight below.

Kate reportedly arrived at the home when it was Jon’s scheduled time with the children. And Kate obviously did not approve of the chosen babysitter, Stephanie Santoro (who is rumored to be having sex with Jon). The photographers that were camped out at their home said Kate was “locked out” of her house.

Jon was inside the home and wouldn’t let Kate inside. Kate reportedly started yelling at John at the fence about his relationship with Santoro.

Hearing all the yelling, someone phoned the police. They arrived but no arrests were made. Kate went to to a local hotel and checked in after the fight. Police arrived, but no arrests were made. Kate left and checked into a local hotel.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

Reno 911 Cancelled! WTF?

Actor Thomas Lennon announced on his Twitter page that the awesome improvisational sitcom, Reno 911, is being canceled by Comedy Central! Read more and see video below.

Thomas Lennon plays the role of Lt. Jim Dangle, the character known for his short shorts on the show.

RENO 911!
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