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Feb 9, 2009

Rihanna Bloody and Bruised

As a result of whatever exactly went down on Sunday in the wee morning hours, the Umbrealla singer suffered: two "huge contusions" on both sides of her forehead, a bloody lip and bloody nose.

Definitely NOT okay!!!!

There are now doubts about the bites, but that doesn't make the situation any better!

This keeps getting worse and worse!

Police took pictures at the scene of the crime Sunday morning, and they are said to be "horrific."

There is serious swelling and bruising. Rihanna's lip is split and her nose bloody. And the contusions on her "look like an MMA fighter or something.. it looked like she was growing devil's horns there are indeed bite marks on one of her hers legs and several of her fingers.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene but did go to the hospital later on Sunday.

Even if she does not cooperate with authorities, the photos alone are said to be "devastating proof of abuse."

Oh, and it was not Rihanna who called 911. Someone in the area heard her screams and called. Thank God for that!

M.I.A.’s Pregnant Grammy Performance (VIDEO)

British recording artist MIA is very pregnant and M.I.A.’s first child with Benjamin Brewer was due Sunday. But M.I.A. didn’t let impending birth stop her from performing with Kanye West. Check out MIA’s pregnant perforance on video below.

M.I.A., 31, is expecting a baby with Ben Brewer, due at any time! Check out M.I.A.’s pregnant performance at the Grammy’s as well as her interesting outfit. Pretty cute though at 9 months pregnant don’t you think?

Whitney Houston’s Night at the Grammys

It’s no secret that her personal life has been a bit dicey for some time now, but last night Whitney Houston tried to put all of that behind her as she partook in all of the 2009 Grammy Awards festivities.

Looking fabulous in a strapless blue and white sash-style dress and a funky shag-style hairdo, the “I Will Always Love You” songstress presented the award for Best R&B Album to Jennifer Hudson.

And after her time at the Staples Center, Miss Houston headed over to Beverly Hills to attend Russell Simmons’ Salute to Grammy Nominees afterparty along with her boyfriend Ray J.

The night before, Whitney gave a staggering performance at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy Bash held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Faizon Arrested For Alleged Nightclub Beatdown

Faizon Love has been booked on one count felony assault for allegedly socking some dude in the face after being rejected from a nightclub.

Law enforcement sources say Love -- who played Big Worm in "Friday" -- allegedly became enraged after being rejected by a woman at the door of the nightclub inside the Standard Hotel in L.A.

Sources say a shouting match broke out between Faizon and some girls outside the hotel -- and Faizon allegedly socked a random dude who was standing next to them.

His bail has been set at $30,000 -- he faces up to four years in prison.

Miley Cyrus Apologizes for “Slant-Eyed” Photos.. Again

With her first apology seemingly failing to make things right, Miley Cyrus has once again taken to her blog to express her regret over her much talked about slant-eyed photos.

After being criticized for not sounding sincere in her first attempt to make things right, the Disney singer/actress was pushed by the Organization of Chinese Americans, among others, who called for a fuller apology.

Quickly obliging, Miley wrote, “I want to thank all of my fans for their support not only this week, but always! I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone.”

The 16-year-old starlet adds, “I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometime my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GODs ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be. Peace and love, Miles”