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Jul 15, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Pays Sam Ronson an Early Visit

Looking to be back to their old ways, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were spotted earlier today (July 13) in Los Angeles, Calfornia.

The British deejay greeted her “Mean Girls” girlfriend by hanging out of an upstairs window as Miss Lohan arrived at her house via chauffeured SUV.

As previously reported, Lindsay has stepped up her game a bit and started a production company with her leggings line “6126” partner, Kristi Kaylor, called “Unforgettable Productions.”

They are developing several projects including a TV show called “Faux Real,” described as “Entourage” for the fashion world and another show called, “That’s What Friends are For.”

Lady GaGa Breaks Out the Bunny Ears

Showing off her unique wardrobe, Lady GaGa was spotted wearing lace bunny-ears as she left London’s Landmark Hotel on Tuesday afternoon (July 14).

The “Poker Face” singer was on her way to the evening’s gig at the O2 Academy in Brixton, being led to an awaiting car by her security staffers.

Meanwhile, GaGa seems poised to make US Billboard chart history this week - as long as LoveGame makes it to the number one spot.

As long as that happens, which looks to be a certainty, Lady GaGa will become the first American singer to produce three number ones from a debut album - as Just Dance and Poker Face have already proved to be chart-toppers

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman End French Getaway

Bringing an end to their romantic getaway, Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman prepared for departure at Nice airport on Tuesday (July 14).

Along with spending time with fashion designer Christian Audigier, the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star and his lady enjoyed cruises, sightseeing trips and a lot of shopping at Gucci!

Meanwhile, contrary to recent reports, it has been denied that Jon has already set up to start a clothing line with Audigier - who has made quite the name for himself with his Ed Hardy line.

“Christian is absolutely not starting a kids’ clothing line with Jon,” a rep for Audigier told Us magazine. “As of right now, there is no clothing line in the works between them at all.”

Lindsay Lohan Gives Props to Her Little Sis

Venturing out on a sunny summertime day, Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting ready to run a few errands in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (July 14).

Wearing her new favorite boots with a black tank top and jean shorts, the “Georgia Rule” actress took to the passenger seat of a black SUV before being chauffeured to her day’s destinations.

Meanwhile, LiLo was active on her Twitter account, per the usual, dishing out compliments to her little sister, Ali.

She tweeted, “My sister is AMAZING! A girl is being mean to her and said something vulgar - ‘you’re sister’s the celeb, not you, you dumb b!t*h.’”

Miss Lohan then tells, “My sister responded with, ‘wow. you clearly need to seek help.’ I LOVE YOU ALIANA be the bigger person. Name calling is mean. I miss you.”

Justin Timberlake: Fighting with the Paparazzi

Looking none-too-pleased, Justin Timberlake was spotted arguing with a paparazzi outside of the London hotel in West Hollywood on Tuesday (July 14).

The heated argument got intense as the “Sexy Back” stud got stood face-to-face with the shutterbug before calming down and hopping into his nearby ride.

Meanwhile, JT must be pleased that his Mirimichi golf course is set to open on July 25 in Memphis following $16 million in renovations.

After purchasing the former Big Creek Golf Course in 2007, Timberlake fixed things up to become the first eco-friendly course to be certified by the Audubon Classic Sanctuary Program.

Huge Basking Shark Washes Up On Long Island Beach

A huge 20-foot long basking shark washed ashore on Gilgo Beach on Long Island on Tuesday. Read more about this huge shark and see video below.

People at the beach whipped out their cameras to get a photo of the huge basking shark that washed up on the Long Island shore.

“I haven’t seen a shark in the water around here, but in other places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico,” one beachgoer told CBS.

Some people had a little surprise when they were going into the water.

“I was about to go in the water and I saw this thing laying on the beach. Pretty crazy. I thought it was a great white or something,” said surfer Andrew Brooke.

The shark is a basking shark which is not considered dangerous, but is very large.

“He’s a plankton feeder. You can see inside there’s no teeth inside his mouth,” said marine biologist Tracy Marcus. “He’s a relatively harmless kind of shark, but large.”

“It’s the second largest fish in the world, second to the whale shark,” Marcus said.

Marcus works with the Cornell Cooperative Extension and examined the giant fish.

“I don’t see any major scarring, I mean there is a little bit of a boat hit, it looks like, a little bit of rawness near the tail, but nothing that would kill a shark,” Marcus said.

“It would have been fun if it was still alive. I could have surfed aside it, maybe caught some waves, and rode its fin, grabbed on. No, but, I thought it was pretty cool that something this big could wash up here,” said surfer James McGaley.

Marine experts said it is uncommon for the basking sharks to come ashore to die.

Experts will determine the exact cause of death and the shark will be buried in nearby sand dunes.