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May 14, 2010

Whitney Houston: On The Rebound In Berlin

Continuing along with her demanding tour, Whitney Houston was spotted leaving the Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Germany

Giving a smile and a wave to paparazzi, Miss Houston proceeded to head off to her awaiting transport as she readied to perform at Arena Leipzig.

Doing a bit better onstage since being panned in both Australia and the UK, Rolling Stone editor Anthony DeCurtis tells that he forsees a rebound for Whitney as long as she "agrees to relinquish the queenly status and adjust to less-demanding material."

"I see the problem more as psychological than physical," DeCurtis says. "You can't be working in diva mode if you're not delivering on the diva promise."

"Is it possible to sing a different kind of song when that bravura aspect is so central to who you are? She would have to see herself in a different way. Does she want to? That's the question," he adds.

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