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Jun 8, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys Time Off in the States

Making the most of his time in the States, Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted grabbing some dinner at the swanky Madeo restaurant last night (June 8).

The international soccer stud looked handsome as he made his way inside the Beverly Hills eatery after having been escorted to the restaurant with his friends in a stretch Hummer limousine, later proceeding to Hyde Lounge to finish up the night on the town.

And it sounds like Mr. Ronaldo is back on the injured list after he complained of abdomen pain during and after Saturday’s World Cup qualifying victory over Albania.

Cristiano is expected to fly to Miami, Florida next week to undergo surgery so as to begin the healing process as quickly as possible. He’s due back in Manchester July 6th for practice.

Katy Perry: Twitter Addict

Never one to turn down party invites, Katy Perry was spotted out at the Lulu Guinness 20th Anniversary soiree at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Monday (June 8).

The “Waking Up In Vegas” singer offered up a “peace” sign to photogs covering the event, then making her way inside to mingle with fellow guests including Sophie Ellis Bextor, Jo Wood and the guest of honor, Lulu Guiness.

Meanwhile, Miss Perry recently confessed that she’s addicted to Twittering - leading to pretty much everyone knowing where she is at all times.

“The other night I was in a great Mexican restaurant and so I Twittered — not that I was in this particular restaurant; I was a bit cryptic about which city it was — but there were people outside a minute after I put that out there. I forgot I was broadcasting live. I am addicted to it,” Perry tells.