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May 27, 2010

50 Cent’s Shocking Weight loss…

50 Cent is starring in a new movie titled “Things Fall Apart” which required him to lose almost 60 pounds. In the movie, he plays a football player who has been diagnosed with cancer.

It took nine weeks for 50 Cent to lose the weight resulting from a strict liquid diet and three hour a day treadmill run. He now weighs 160 pounds.

Da Brat Is Out Of Jail?

I have been hearing that Da Brat is out of jail but that was only semi-true. I’m told she got a weekend pass and decided to catch up with JD and her sister LisaRaye on the set of her new show.

In the video JD posted, she says that she has a 9-5 in prison making windows…so if you need a window you can hit her up ^_^

Da Brat was sentenced to 3 years back in 2007 after striking a club waitress in the face with a bottle. She will be released for good some time this year..