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Jun 16, 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s Leggy Shoe Shopping Excursion

Back to work early Monday morning (June 16), Lindsay Lohan was spotted taking a break on the Los Angeles set of her new movie “Labor Pains”.

In the film, the Mean Girls starlet plays an assistant at a publishing house who fakes a pregnancy in an attempt to keep her job

After working on a few more scenes and grabbing a bite to eat for lunch on-set, LiLo took advantage of another break in the action - this time venturing off for a little shoe shopping, swapping back and forth between a pair of knee high boots and high heels while showing off her long legs in a pair of-short-shorts.

In related news, Miss Lohan recently chose not to enter the Emmy race for her role in “Ugly Betty” - steering clear of a competitive field for best guest actress in a comedy series that includes Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother") and Mary-Kate Olsen ("Weeds").


Fan-Accessible Amy Winehouse

Most celebrities have massive amounts of security between themselves and the rest of the world. But Amy Winehouse has only her front door.

And in the latest chapter of “A Fan Shows Up On Amy Winehouse’s Doorstep,” a young Canadian girl made the trek to the “Rehab” singer’s Camden London home to meet her idol.

Overcome by the excitement and emotion of the moment, the girl broke down in tears, profusely thanking the “I’m No Good” songstress for taking the time to meet her.

On the other end of the spectrum, Winehouse’s recent $2 million gig in Russia was almost cancelled after she showed up blitzed out of her mind. Daria Zhukova, the girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, invited Amy to sing at an exclusive engagement at The Garage gallery in Moscow for a select group of art enthusiasts.

However when the troubled singer arrived for her one-hour performance she was in such an incoherent state, they discussed finding a last-minute replacement for her.

In the eleventh hour, Amy’s people were able to pull her together enough for her to take the stage. An insider told press, “I heard that her singing was a little sloppy. But she still put on a terrific show.”