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Nov 13, 2009

Mike Tyson Arrested At LAX After Alleged Assaulting A Paparazzi

Mike Tyson was arrested on suspicion of battery charges after the incident with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. Read more on Tyson’s arrest below.

Mike Tyson was detained on Wednesday after his altercation with a photographer that reportedly got too close to Tyson and his family. Tyson was said to have punched the paparazzi in the face.

Tyson was released on his own recognizance on Wednesday night after posting $20,000 bail. The photographer was also booked on misdemeanor battery charges.

Tyson, 43, was reportedly at the ticket counter at LAX at the United Airlines terminal when a pap got very close to him and Tyson punched him in the face. The photographer hit the ground and reportedly got up and walked away, leaving a trail of blood on the floor from his cut on his forehead. Tyson was taken from the airport in a police car and the photographer was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Tyson’s rep said he was traveling with his 10-month old daughter and wife and that he just acted in self-defense to protect his child from the overly aggressive shooter.

An unidentified police offer told the Associated Press that the photographer had struck Tyson to get a reaction out of him and that the paparazzi will also be booked after he is out of the hospital.

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