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Nov 13, 2009

Jay-Z Says He & Beyonce Are Ready For A Baby

Jay-Z opened up to Gotham magazine and said that having a baby with Beyonce is one of the couple’s top priorities now. Read more on Beyonce and Jay-Z below.

Gotham magazines’s editor-in-chief Cristina Greeven Cuomo reports that Jay-Z let it slip that having a baby is high on their priority list now.

“The most important thing on the horizon [for Jay] seems to be a plan to have children with Knowles,” Gotham magazine says in its November issue. “When [Gotham editor in chief Cristina Cuomo] asked him about having babies and a family, he said yes to that,” a rep for Gotham tells Life & Style.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are very secret about their relationship and even married in secret on a Tribeca rooftop and don’t often even wear their own wedding rings out in public.

If the baby rumor is true, this would mean quite a change in Beyonce’s thinking since April. In April, Beyonce said that she was interested in being a mother but was in no hurry after seeing the birth process up close when her sister Solange had her baby.

“I definitely want one, but I’m not ready for all of that,” she said then. “I don’t think a person should see that before her time. It was a little much. But I’m so in love with my nephew, and every time I see him I’m like, God, he’s just amazing.”

So is the couple ready to try for a baby? Time will tell.

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