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Nov 13, 2009

Holly Madison Gets Mad If She Watches Girls Next Door

Holly Madison, who used to be Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend, and starred in “Girls Next Door”. Holly says she doesn’t bother watching the new season that features the new ladies Crystal Harris and the Shannon twins. Read more of what Holly said below.

Holly Madison is now working in Las Vegas and said she doesn’t watch the new series of “Girls Next Door” because it annoys her.

“I had a great time with Hef and the girls when they came to see ‘Peepshow’ and hang out in Vegas. I don’t watch the other episodes though, because it kind of makes me mad,” Madison told Tarts. “The girls need to focus on what makes them unique and not doing the same things Bridget, Kendra and I have already done on the show. Even camping in the backyard was an idea I had for an episode that we never got around to shooting. And guess what they just showed? The girls camping in the backyard. I don’t want to look behind, I want to look forward.”

Catty huh?

But Holly is doing fine for herself and is currently filming her own reality show about her life as aVegas showgirl and a “major life project nobody would expect her to do.” Madison also shows off her boobies several nights a week in her burlesque “Peep Show.”

“The ‘toplessness’ is worked into the show very tastefully and I was very controlling about when and how long I would be topless,” Madison explained. “Not because I am shy about nudity at all, but because I feel there is an effective way to do a burlesque show and then there is a sloppy way. I’m very inspired by Dita Von Teese and people who do it really well. Hef really liked the show, but I knew he would. He loves burlesque and the girls in the show are really beautiful. There are contemporary pop songs in the show, but a lot of old school style, too. The Red Riding Hood number reminds me so much of the sexy Red Riding hood Tex Avery cartoons from the 40’s that Hef loves.”

It sounds as if Holly still has some feelings for old Hef doesn’t it?

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