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Nov 13, 2009

Katy Perry Takes Russell Brand Home To Meet Her Parents

Katy Perry took her boyfriend Russell Brand home to meet her family, and things were said to go quite well. Read more on this story below.

Russell Brand met up with Katy’s parents and it sounds as if they got along just fine.

Russell said:

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting Katy’s family. I always get along with spiritual people. For me the things that happen on a higher level are more important than transient things.”

Russell says his playboy life is behind him and he is ready to get serious with Katy Perry:

“When one is in a relationship one respects the restrictions that imposes. That’s the point of being in a relationship… I’ve been really happy in the last couple of months. All I know is that I have met someone who I like and makes me happy. I am very much fulfilled. Having met Katy she has certainly been a catalyst in changing my life but I have been changing my life for myself first and foremost, because it’s a better way for me to be living at this time.”

Wow! Maybe this could be the real thing with Russell and Katy! What do you guys think?

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