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Oct 22, 2010

Antoine Dodson Arrives In Hollywood, Announces New Single Read more: Antoine Dodson Arrives In Hollywood, Announces New Single

“Go Run Tell That Homeboy!”

Antoine Dodson has managed to ride his 15 minutes right in to Hollywood. He was spotted last night surrounded by paparazzi as he arrived at LAX Airport and is expected to make an appearance tonight at Millions of Milkshakes where he will launch his own Milkshake. Now that’s what I call milking it.

In other news, he revealed on 106 and Park recently that he’s planning to release a CD and a book in the near future.

“I’m working on a CD and a book. The CD is like a continuation. It’s like, basically, [the rapist] hasn’t been caught, so it’s like, stay tuned ’cause we’re still looking for him. The first single is called ‘Stupid, You So Dumb,…. That is gonna be hot! I’m telling you, the beat go hard and everything. I live!”

He also tells TMZ that he has sold out of all of his “Antoine Dodson” Halloween costumes.

Check out video of Antoine arriving in LA below:

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