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Oct 18, 2010

Justin Bieber called homophobic slurs at laser tag center

Justin Bieber, 16, was reportedly kicked out of a laser tag center in British Colombia after punching a 12 year-old boy. Read more on Bieber’s alleged assault investigation below.

Reports state that singer Justin Bieber arrived with an entourage of 14 people at the laser tag facility and that Bieber was followed around and targeted during the game.

Sources claim that Justin was bullied and called homophobic slurs and that Bieber retaliated and punched the boy.

A member of Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated: “On Friday around 5:30 p.m. we got a report that a 12-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted at an entertainment facility in Richmond. The boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require medical attention. We are continuing our investigation.” No other info will be released at this time, the spokesperson added.”

The boys included in the fight will not be disclosed publicly because they are both under the age of 18.

A Planet Lazer staff member told celebrity blog that, “the 12-year-old kid was surrounding Justin in the corner with his other little friends and shooting him during the game with their laser guns. Justin did what any other person would do during a laser tag game, and was just trying to get away from getting shot at and accidentally hit the kid while running away.”

The worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Justin stayed after the incident to explain what had happened.

Bieber’s rep said the assault report was “absolutely untrue.”

Now why in the world would someone call Justin Bieber, who has his own nail polish line, a fa**ot?

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