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May 16, 2010

Rapper Yung Hott Shot Dead While Filming Video

Rapper Yung Hott was shot and killed on Ssaturday while filming a video in his hometown. Read more on Yung Hott’s death below.

Rapper Yung Hott, whore real name is Jerode Paige, was killed on Saturday night.

Jerode Paige died at the scene of the shooting where 20 rounds were fired. There were three other victims including a five-year-old girl, who suffered minor injuries.

Police pulled over a white Chrysler following the shooting and detained three suspects.

The 5-year-old girl was shot in her left foot while playing n a toy car in her yard. She was treated and released at an Atlanta hospital.

Two other shooting victims were treated at Spalding Regional Hospital, then transferred to police custody. They are considered “persons of interest.”

Yung Hott, 27, was making his first video when the shooting happened. The rapper’s uncle, Kenny Paige, was among around 200 people there when the gunfire erupted.

“I mean, it was broad daylight,” Kenny Paige said. “I heard a lot of gunshots and people scattered.”

Paige was shot in the head, according to his uncle.

The video was being made for Paige’s first single, which had started being played on an Atlanta radio station, according to Sid Cooper, a producer who had worked with the rapper.

“He had some good music,” Cooper said. “His music was real. Everything he talked about in his music he did.”

The rapper had turned his life around after a stint in prison for drug offenses and possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

“He was on the right track,” Cooper said.

“He got out [of prison] and he said he wasn’t going to let anybody stop him from getting his career,” his other uncle Gary Paige said. “He wanted to give his grandmother a lot. He was really into his music and he wanted to show his grandmother he had the ability to be somebody.”

Paige’s uncles believe the young rapper was targeted but don’t know why.

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