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May 10, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Has Multiple Sex Tapes She Tried To Sell!

Kendra Wilkinson was featured in OK Magazine this week saying she was fighting the release of a 2005 sex tape that Vivid Entertainment wants to release. But now it seems that Kendra has several sex tapes and even tried to shop them around herself! Read more below.

Kendra Wilkinson seemed to be trying to fight porn company, Vivid Entertainment, from releasing an old sex tape from her past. Kendra and an ex-boyfriend had made the tape when she was only 18 years-0ld. Kendra was said to be worried that the release of the video could hurt her marriage to Hank Baskett.

But sources say that Kendra not only has multiple sex tapes, but that she tried to sell them herself!

Kendra reportedly set up a company called Home Run Productions LLC in 2008 just to shop her sex tapes. There are several references to “the tapes,” meaning there is more than one. Interestingly enough, the documents show a date of November 2008, which would be after she and Hank had announced their engagement.

Wilkinson will reportedly address the sex tape on her reality show, which should be interesting.

Vivid Entertainment plans to release the tape by the end of the month saying, “We believe this could be our all time best selling celebrity tape.”

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