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Sep 11, 2009

Hugh Hefner Files For Divorce From Kimberly Conrad

After being separated for 11 years, Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner, 83, has finally filed for divorce from his second wife Kimberly Conrad. Read more on Hugh Hefner’s divorce below.

Hugh Hefner filed for divorce from his former Playboy Playmate second wife, Kimberly Conrad, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple married in July 1989 and separated nine years later, but they remained legally married.

Kimberly Conrad, 47, is the mother of two of Hefner’s four children, and has been supported by Hefner all these years living in a home next to the Playboy mansion.

Things became tense when Hefner sold the house Conrad was living in… and Kimberly sued Hefner saying he owed her more than five million dollars.

The divorce documents also state that Hugh is asking the judge to set spousal support at $20,000 per month because he has already given Kimberly close to $12 million since their 1998 separation.

Something interesting just reported by TMZ:

TMZ just spoke with the Playboy kingpin, who told us he made the decision to officially break it off with his estranged wife, and mother of his two children, strictly because she filed a $5 million lawsuit against him last month relating to the sale of a house they owned together.

As for why he had stayed married during the 11-years they have been estranged, Hef says, “At the time of the separation, I was happy to get a divorce … I only remained married for the sake of the children at her request.”

Hef told us that he was “faithful” during the time they were together, but says Kim had cheated on him “early in the relationship.” Hef says he knows who the other person is, but would not reveal the identity.

Hef did reveal his frustrations with the lawsuit — claiming he has paid Kimberley every cent that he agreed to pay her in their prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adding, “I have been generous to a fault.”

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