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Sep 6, 2009

Designer Christian Audigier Buying Michael Jackson’s Last Home

Christian Audigier, the French fashion designer close to Michael Jackson, plans to purchase his last home (the home Jackson died in), and expects to have the keys within two weeks.

Audigier said he had been unable to receive permission to turn the home in a museum like he hoped, but instead would open it every June on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

“I can have the house in one month now,” Audigier, who said he is worth 250 million dollars, told AFP in an interview. “I get the keys two weeks from today.”

The Holmby Hills mansion, believed worth over 30 million dollars, currently belongs to Audigier’s associate and the boss of his fashion company Hubert Guez.

Jackson had been “in great shape” in the weeks before his death, Audgier stated.

“He was very skinny but he was a dancer too,” he said. “He was very involved with the London concert. What happened was very sad.

“The guy was very happy to come back on stage.”

Audigier, who was in Paris the day of Jackson’s funeral, regrets having to miss the burial.

“I miss him,” he said. “God bless him.”

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