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Jul 24, 2009

Solange Knowles’ New Haircut… Bald

Beyonce’s little sister, Solange, has “pulled a Britney” and has shaved her head! Read more below and let us know if you like Solange’s new haircut or not.

Solange Knowles showed off her new bald haircut yesterday on the street of Los Angeles.

Solange wrote on her Twitter page that she was going through a ‘i wanna cut all my Hair off & have a fade (cropped haircut) phase’.

Solange has worn wigs and hair extensions in the past so probably was sick of that!

Oddly enough, Solange has stated in previous interviews that she gets tired of comparison to her sister Beyonce. And even mentioned going crazy and shaving her head.

‘Sometimes I say she’s not my sister. Other times I say I’ve stuffed her in my suitcase and sent it to Dubai.

‘I have to have fun with it or I’ll turn into Britney - shave my head and go totally crazy.’

Hopefully Solange hasn’t lost it, but debuted her new haircut while out and about in Los Angeles with her 4 year-old son, Juelz.

Solange attended a Dita Von Teese performance at an LA nightspot, but donned a brunette wig for the occasion.

So what do you guys think of her new haircut? She has a pretty face so carries it off pretty well. Thoughts?

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