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Jul 24, 2009

Patrick Swayze Suffered A Heart Attack

The National Enquirer has reported that actor Patrick Swayze has suffered a heart attack. And apparently the drugs he’s taking to fight his cancer might have triggered the attack. Read more on Patrick Swayze’s scare below!

Swayze’s doctors discovered the heart attack during a routine medical appointment.

Apparently the drugs used to fight Swayze’s cancer could have possibly triggered his heart attack. Now Patrick’s doctors have to make a difficult decision on whether to protect his heart or continue his treatment regimen.

Patrick, 56, had been in so much pain and on so many medications that he never dreamed he was having a heart attack. Swayze assumed it was just symptoms from his cancer.

“After the doctor told him, Patrick was floored,” said the family insider.

“He knew his cancer would never be cured, but was encouraged at the way he was responding to treatment.

“Then came the heart attack!”

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