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Jul 24, 2009

Rihanna and Jay-Z’s Big Bill

What do you get when you put two huge celebrity singers together? A big party!

Rihanna and Jay-Z flew out to London on Tuesday and headed right to the hot spot in Mayfair, Vendome, where they spent a $16,000 bar bill.

The money spent was nothing to superstar Jay-Z who spent $24,000 on dinner for his entourage last year in July.

“Rihanna and Jay-Z arrived together and requested a private booth with two security guards,” an onlooker told British newspaper The Sun. . “They ordered several bottles of vodka, tequila and red wine and were clearly enjoying themselves. They sat next to each other and chatted away like old pals.”

And we can only imagine how wild the night got. “Rihanna was in high spirits and by the end of the evening she was up dancing, showing off some raunchy moves.”

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