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Jan 25, 2010

Tiger Woods Gets A Visit From Wife Elin At Sex Rehab

Elin Woods went to Pine Grove to spend time with her husband Tiger while he is being treated for sex addiction at the rehab center. Read more on this story below.

Elin Woods reportedly went to visit her estranged golf pro hubby for five days to be a part of her husband’s recovery program.

“The marriage is not over,” a source revealed. “They both want to save it.”

Sex addiction clinics often involve the family and spouses in their therapy program. “If Tiger and his wife Elin are serious about repairing their marriage, she will be spending some time in Hattiesburg with Tiger,” said New York Times writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Elin was said to have returned to her Orlando home via private jet on Sunday. While she was gone her twin sister and a nanny watched over Tiger and Elin’s children Charlie, almost 1, and daughter Sam, 3.

Do you guys think it’s possible this couple can work things out after all the raunchy details of his mistresses and affairs has been revealed?

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