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Jan 25, 2010

Heidi Montag’s Mother Horrified To Learn Of Her Extensive Plastic Surgery

“Hills” star Heidi Montag’s mother was reportedly horrified to hear her daughter had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day as part of her drastic, secret makeover. Read more and see video of Heidi’s “frozen” face below.

People magazine has reported that Heidi Montag’s mother, Darlene Egelhoff, is “horrified and having a total breakdown” over the news of her daughter’s plastic surgery. “She can’t wait to confront Heidi when she goes home.”

Montag kept her plastic surgery procedures a secret from her family and friends and is now afraid to have to face her mother soon.

Montag’s supposed “enhancements” reportedly included:

*Botox injections

*Mini brow lift

*Nose job

*Fat injections to cheeks and lips

*Chin reduction

*Liposuction to her neck

*Ears pinned back

*Buttocks augmentation

*Liposuction to waist, thighs

*Breast augmentation revision to double D’s

But Heidi feels it’s her life and says, “I still can’t believe I’m 23 and mom is reacting this way.” And adds, “I’m nervous to go home and face her – especially with cameras rolling.”

Do you think Heidi looks better after all her surgery? You can read more here for before and after photos.

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