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Sep 7, 2010

VH1′s Basketball Wives/Ex Wives Star Royce Reed Calls Cops On Dwight Howard

VH1′s Basketball Wives’ star Royce Reed recently had an outburst at her kid’s daycare. When she arrived to pick up her child, she was told that her baby daddy, Dwight Howard had already done so.

According to TMZ:

It all went down on August 26 when Howard — who is in an ongoing custody war with baby mama Royce Reed — went to pick up their 2-year-old son. Reed, we’re told, flipped out and called the cops because she claimed the custody agreement didn’t give Howard the right to pick the child up that day.

Reed showed up at the day care center for a showdown, but Howard had already left with the kid.

The cops called Howard … and the NBA star explained he and his ex made a new agreement … giving him the right to cart his kid away that day. But … after speaking with lawyers from both sides, the cops handed down their verdict — a new custody agreement was discussed but never signed.

The cops ordered Howard to return the child to the day care center, stat. Howard’s nanny — the Henry Kissinger character — took the boy back to school and Reed took him home.

A spokesperson for Reed thanked police and school officials for their quick response. He also said the child “was seriously traumatized by the unlawful actions of Dwight and his staff, and Royce will rely upon the Courts to prevent future incidents from occurring.”

Too bad VH1 cameras couldn’t capture that drama. Dwight Howard won an injunction last year that would prevent Royce Reed to even utter his name on the popular VH1 Show Basketball Wives or online.

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