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Jun 3, 2010

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Expecting Twins?

Sources are reporting that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are expecting not just one baby, but twins! Read more on this story below.

Singer Mariah Carey, 41, used fertility treatments to help things along and is now reportedly expecting twins!

Mariah and husband Nick, 29, visited the Southern California Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills on Mother’s Day.

Mariah has not confirmed her pregnancy, reportedly waiting until she has made it past her first trimester for the announcement.

Cannon, 29, has spoken out about his wife’s right to privacy saying, “If & when my wife is ready to make ANY announcements about private matters she will do it personally,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday night. “Thanks for being respectful GodBless.”

Nick Cannon, the host of “America’s Got Talent” later tweeted, “My heart goes out to any woman who has to deal with public scrutiny and speculation pertaining to their private life REAL TALK!”

Then Thursday morning Nick said on his radio show, “I’m pretty sure that when my wife is ready to make any announcement it won’t be to the media, to the public, first,” he said. “She’ll tell her family, she’ll tell her friends, and then, you know, when she’s ready to share with the rest of the world, who is her extended family and friends, then she’ll let everybody know.”

Nick has joked around about possible baby names stating,, “We’re gonna do it like George Foreman,” he stated on his radio show, ‘Rollin.’ ” We’re gonna name all of our kids Mariah no matter if they’re boys or girls. Mariah No. 1, Boy Mariah, Man Mariah, Tall Mariah. It’s gonna be a house full of people named Mariah.”

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