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Apr 22, 2010

Royce Reed Talks Child Support Checks & Drama

Star of "Basketball Wives" Royce Reed called into TT Torrez's radio show at i92 in Richmond yesterday. And she talked about her child's father who shall remain nameless (well, to her), her p-poppin' poolside dance, and why she's so stressed these days.

Here's What Went On....

At the beginning of the interview, Royce breaks down crying and says she is "going through a lot of things at this time."

She's not allowed to talk in depth about their relationship with Dwight Howard ,which is fine with her because "it’s not anyone’s business."

Royce said the child support checks are good but...

She has a dance company where they perform at parties. She called it the "urban version of the pussycat dolls"

She said she doesn’t see herself dating anyone else high profile.

She said she was embarrassed by her actions at the pool party.

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