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Mar 14, 2010

Nicki Minaj Models Barbie Coutur

Nicki Minaj and her animated faces are featured in an 8 page spread in Barbie Couture for the upcoming issue of Right On! Magazine. You probably haven’t had your hands on one of these mags since you were like 16. This particular issue is supposed to be the launch of the grown-up version of Right On! pegged the “Black Entertainment Diares”. Via Right On!

(As one of the longest-running young urban magazines on newsstands today, RIGHT ON!, established in 1971, has been the official bible of teen entertainment for over three decades. Now Right On! is all grown up and proud to announce the debut of the Black Entertainment Diaries. Think of the Black Entertainment Diaries (B.E.D.) as Right On!’s older, sassier and sexier sister. True to the brand’s motto, the B.E.D. will be “where gossip lies.”

Inside the celebrity-filled pages of the sizzling premiere DOUBLE COVER ISSUE, Black Entertainment Diaries GOT intimate with Young Money’s leading lady. With a longstanding void in the female rap game, NICKI MINAJ is the next big thing. Watch the exclusive behind the scenes footage as we play dress up with the 25-year-old starlet, who riles things up for our eight-page fashion spread in Barbie couture.)

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