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Mar 22, 2010

61 People Bitching ShareSince When Did Lady Gaga Become A Bigger Star Than Beyonce?

According to Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga is a bigger pop star than Beyonce. He tells Vibe Magazine:

“I would say that Gaga is a bigger pop star than Beyoncé right now, just [based on] the sheer statistics. Like, all of Gaga’s singles have gone top of the charts,” said Perez. “Gaga’s tour, selling out. Beyoncé’s last tour did not have a lot of sellouts. And I’m not dissing her or anything. I’m just looking at it statistically.”

((“I think the ‘Telephone’ video blows away the ‘Video Phone’ video. ‘Telephone’ is such an epic work of art. It’s like a mini movie and there’s so much going on it really lends itself to repeated viewings,” said Perez. “What’s great about it is even though it’s Gaga’s song featuring Beyoncé, they both come across really well in the video and they both work really well together. [There’s] lots of criticism from lots of people but you know what, Gaga doesn’t care. She makes art and music for her fans and her fans love the video.”))

If I was Beyonce, I’d be appalled that this was even up for debate. Let’s see if Gaga is around 10 years from now and then we can have this discussion, but until then…DO YOU???

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