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Jan 20, 2010

Mo’Nique Has Some Hairy A** Legs!

Mo’Nique won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Precious” and should have also won an award for the hairiest legs at the ceremony. Check out Mo’Nique’s nasty hairy legs in the photo above and see what she has to say about her hairy legs below.

Mo’Nique was all dressed up for the Golden Globes but apparently didn’t care to shave her hairy legs.

The actress caused quite a stir when she lifted up her elegant dress to show her unshaven legs.

But this isn’t the first time Mo’Nique showed off au naturel hairy legs. On The View years ago, the actress walked out from behind the desk to show off her hairy legs and said, “I must show America what a real leg looks like . . . because it’s too much in the morning, every morning, to shave, to cut, you got Band-aids baby, “I really think hair on a woman’s legs is a black woman’s thing.”

But thankfully Mo’Nique does shave her armpits to avoid “stink”.

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