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Jan 20, 2010

Amy Winehouse Gets Off Easy After Pleading Guilty To Assault

British singer Amy Winehouse was let off easy by a judge in England today after pleading guilty to assault on a theater manager in December. Read more on Amy Winehouse’s court appearance below.

Amy Winehouse arrived at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court in Milton Keynes, England to plead guilty for assaulting a Milton Keynes theater manager in December while she was drunk.

The judge ruled that the troubled singer had to remain out of trouble for two years, which definitely won’t be easy for Amy.

Amy, 26, appeared in court today to plead guilty to common assault and disorder for pulling the theater manager’s hair and calling him a “f–king c–t” during a “Cinderella” play.

Winehouse was fined $300 and given a two-year conditional discharge. This means Amy will have to stay out of trouble for two years and will then be free from further legal action.

“It might be harder than if you had a fine, because you have to stay on the straight and narrow for two years now,” said District Judge Peter Crabtree.

Amy’s lawyer admitted she had been drinking before the show, before she cursed out the theater manager and pulled his hair. The judge said “It was a reaction, an overreaction,” Judge Crabtree told the singer. “Clearly there was no injury.”

The judge even commended Amy for her progress toward sobriety after viewing her most recent medical report. “You clearly have taken effort from this report to address your alcohol problems and any other problems you may have, so you get credit for that,” he said.

Do you think Amy Winehouse got off too easy?

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